The Tashlytsky pumped storage power plant developed the first half a billion kilowatts

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On June 1 at 21 hour 10 minutes the Tashlytsky pumped storage power plant developed 500 million kw - h. electric energy since the operation beginning, is reported by the Energoatom national company.

High-maneuverable Tashlytskaya hydroheat-sink электростанцияна to the river the Southern Bug - one with compound It is southern - the Ukrainian power complex. Its main appointment - production of more expensive electric power for a covering of evening and morning peaks of consumption when using cheaper excess night energy.

In the technological scheme of TGAES hydrounits in which functions of high-speed water-wheels and powerful pumps are at the same time inherent are used. The principle of their work consists in water pumping from a reservoir which is at the top level, in a reservoir of the bottom level. Such operating mode serves for production of the scarce electric power at peak o'clock. During the periods of failures in a power supply system when networks are necessary additional consumers of the electric power, TGAES hydrounits are used for water roll-in from the bottom reservoir in top (a pump mode).

Today the starting complex acts TGAES as a part of two hydrounits (the first is put into operation in 2006, with the second - in 2007). Total rated capacity of a starting complex in a mode of generation of the electric power - 302 MWT, in a pump mode - 433 MWt. The capital electrotechnical equipment of two units - first-borns has no analogs in Ukraine. These are so-called main samples. Experience of their production, adjustment and operation is used at further construction of the Ukrainian hydroheat-sink stations.

At present the construction of the second turn of station as a part of the third hydrounit lasts. The Cabinet order of 27.07.2006. "About the approval of the plan of measures on realization of power strategy of Ukraine for the period till 2030" is provided to finish TGAES construction in full design volume as a part of six hydrounits with a general power of 900 MWt.

In the process of construction of TGAES for the first time in Ukraine the scheme of simultaneous financing of a construction of an industrial facility and realization socially - ecological actions in a zone of its influence is applied. On the solution of problems of the nearby region, since 2001, over 100 million UAH

are directed

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