"people want some bread from expression and shows" we won't depart anywhere, - Vladimir Chaika

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Today in Nikolaevsk the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies passed the first meeting of the organizing committee on preparation for celebration 220-й anniversaries of Nikolaev which will be noted on September 12.

At the very beginning of organizing committee meeting the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika declared that "people want some bread from expression and shows" this year organizers won't depart, and reported that already prepared the draft of the order about celebration 220 - the anniversaries of Nikolaev.

To the deputies, heads of areas and services of the Tea charged to order streets, squares, festively to issue the city, to carry out an advertizing campaign of the City Day. Also it is supposed that the heading devoted 220 - му Dniu rozhdeniya Nikolaeva on the Internet - a portal of the Nikolaev city council will be created, there is a number of materials in local mass media, will pass art exhibitions and the photo exhibitions devoted to Nikolaev.

Previously it is planned that from September 8 to September 10 will pass actions in areas, flower-laying to monuments Olshantsam, to Faleev will take place on September 11, there will take place solemn session of the Nikolaev city council, reception of the mayor and deputies. Parade of municipal services, municipal equipment and gala concert is planned for September 12.

"It is necessary to bring "star" on a concert", - Vladimir Chaika noted and declared that already conducts about it negotiations. Complexity while consists in high payment which All-Ukrainian "stars" ask for the work.

The deputy mayor of Nikolaev Raisa Vdovichenko insisted that all members of the organizing committee responsibly approached to the tasks assigned to them. "It is independent work with a creative task", - Vdovichenko added.

The head of department concerning culture and protection of a cultural heritage Svetlana Gladun reported about idea of representation of Nikolaev as the city of brides and suggested to collect on September 12 in one place of 220 brides if it is possible. Also Svetlana Gladun noted that the anthem of Nikolaev which has to begin to sound in new high quality in the City Day is rewritten at present.

The director of the Nikolaev art Russian drama theater Nikolay Kravchenko suggested to show Nikolaev "from a reverse side":"On television it is possible to make a number of transfers about the "return" aspect of life of the city, to show its so-called "black pages": absence of culture of citizens, vandalism and so on".

The offer Vladimir Chaika supported this, but noted that he shouldn't be tied to the City Day.

Members of the organizing committee will report every month about preparation for City Day celebration.


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