The law on an All-Ukrainian referendum

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The Verkhovna Rada settled an order of holding referenda. 296 deputies voted for acceptance as a whole the bill No. 1374 "About an All-Ukrainian referendum" at 226 necessary.

This law regulates legal grounds, the organization and an order of holding All-Ukrainian referenda.

Thus, Rada defined procedure of coming into effect of the decisions made on a referendum.

Section 1 of the law defines concept of an All-Ukrainian referendum, its basic principles, in particular, an All-Ukrainian referendum on a popular initiative, an All-Ukrainian referendum about modification of the Constitution and the adoption of its new edition, an All-Ukrainian referendum about change of the territory of Ukraine.

Features of purpose of such referenda, and also an order of the announcement of the beginning of campaign for holding an All-Ukrainian referendum, procedure of creation and registration of initiative groups, an order and terms of petition, and also procedure of transfer of subscription lists in Central Election Commission and checks of observance of an order of petition are established by such groups section 2 of the law.

The system of the commissions on holding referenda, their status, order of creation, power and questions of the organization of their work are regulated by section 3.

In the same section questions of contest of decisions and actions of the commissions on an All-Ukrainian referendum are defined.

Carrying out vote and establishment of results of an All-Ukrainian referendum is regulated by section 4 of the law.

Thus the section 5 "Legal Consequences of an All-Ukrainian Referendum" defines an order of coming into effect of the decisions made on a referendum and their legal consequences.

The relevant bill didn't prepare for the second reading by Rada committee concerning the state construction and local government, and to it wasn't provided recommendations of profile committee and amendments from deputies.

On March 19, 2008 Rada refused to accept this bill, which author - the deputy from fraction of Party of Regions Alexander Lavrinovich.

The current law was adopted about holding All-Ukrainian referenda in July, 1991, that is before independence finding.


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