At Yanukovych want to continue to remake the constitution with BYuT

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In the draft constitution which prepared in common BYuT and Party of Regions, there was no point on increase in an age barrier to the president till 50 years.

It was declared by the representative of Party of Regions Sergey Kivalov who acted as one of authors of new version of the Constitution, making comments on the similar statement of the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko, the newspaper writes"Business".

"Believe, I have all documents which have been in common acquired with BYuT, there and in mention there is no such initiative. Simply Yulia Vladimirovna should have declared something", - Kivalov assumed.

The deputy recognizes that Yanukovych was faced really by a dilemma, to go or not to go on national presidential elections. This question also led negotiations with BYuT on the wide coalition into a blind alley.

"All other controversial questions which arose during negotiations, were already coordinated with Tymoshenko. There was only this moment, and Victor Yanukovych had to solve him for himself", - Kivalov told.

According to edition sources the group of the deputies finishing the leader of "regionals" to disagree on elections in parliament, included Yury Boyko, Sergey Levochkin and Anna Hermann. They allegedly convinced of malignancy of such invention not only the party leader, but also some members of his family.

At the same time the deputy Anna Hermann approves the return.

"It was his (Yanukovych) the decision. On the contrary, the majority of members of fraction said it that it is necessary to be chosen in parliament, after all it was a guarantee to become the president of Ukraine", - she claims.

Hermann also emphasized that doesn't understand Tymoshenko's offense. "Our leader promised nothing to Tymoshenko, he openly said that doubts opportunity to be chosen in parliament", - Yanukovych's ally noted.

However, according to some members of BYuT, Yanukovych's decision was made not only at intervention of the immediate environment, but also by means of the president.

"According to my information, Yanukovych and Yushchenko's meeting the day before took place. The president promised to Yanukovych to put at the head of areas of people from Party of Regions that will give it additional administrative resource on elections", - the deputy - "byutovets" as anonymity noted.

At the same time "regionals" don't exclude that BYuT and Party of Regions will continue negotiations on changes in


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