Whether Saint Nikolay

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Marshutka efficiently rolls according to the wide prospectus divided into two parts by the square. Prospectus, naturally, Lenin's name. "You leave on Sovetskaya Street, - the conductor instructs me, - and go straight to the embankment. Soviet at us - not passable. It is our Arbat! There everything is. All Nikolaev! And from the embankment just also you will see plant, which name 61-го the Communard. In revolution white hares at a factory wall shot them, here plant and called. Yes it almost doesn't work! But the ships there stand, and cranes you will see the ship. And we have no sea! To the sea of kilometers seventy. On the river we stand, on the estuary if is more exact …"

Everything began more than two centuries ago, in the years of blossoming of the Russian Empire, according to the known poet - in times "Ochakovo and conquest of the Crimea". In 1787 the colonel Mikhail Faleev according to the royal order ея Catherine the Great's majesties on the peninsula at Ingul's merge and the Southern Bug was accepted to the structure of shipyard in the small settlement which then Ust - Ingul was called.

Times of Ochakovo …

6 on December (19), 1788, in day of the patron of seamen Saint Nikolay, the Russian armies under leadership the general - the field marshal Alexander Suvorov took the Turkish fortress Ochakov. To consolidate success, the prince Grigory Potyomkin, from blessing of the empress, took the most active part in construction of Ingulsky shipyard. The architect Ivan Starov made the construction plan of the new city - with straight lines and the wide streets convenient for delivery to shipyards of the ship wood and other construction materials. The settlement began to grow and in 1789 in the warrant issued to the colonel Mikhail Faleev, he is already named Nikolayev. In 1790, in confirmation of the "Nikolaev" accessory, the first frigate was floated: 46-ти gun "Saint Nikolay".

Nearly hundred years there was a general staff of the Black Sea fleet of Russia. The governor Alexey Greyge brought the city to the European level: I constructed plumbing and sanitary, I laid stone sidewalks, I based yachts - club and I was engaged in gardening of streets. At the end of the 19th century Nikolaev already won first place in the empire on shipbuilding, and the commercial port became the third after Petersburg and Odessa on trade volume with the foreign states.

In civil proletarian Nikolaev called by "The southern red St. Petersburg". Shipbuilders very much supported Bolsheviks, denikinets at walls of plant and shot Communards for it …

In 1920-x years Nikolaev губсовет decided to rename the city into Vernoleninsk. The government of the USSR is the name didn't claim, but in the German reconnaissance cards till 1932 and was written: "Vernoleninsk" …

In days of the New Economic Policy in Nikolaev prospered enterprise портово - trade elements. The militia had to fight crime and … maidens of easy behavior. Impudent Nikolaev prostitutes in revenge for arrests painted the camera with caricatures on militiamen …

And Hitlerites in three years of occupation couldn't construct here any ship, having paid for injust intentions by tens of thousands of lives …

Nikolaev character

The first deputy of the mayor Yury GRANATUROV tells about modern problems of the city:

- Nikolaev - the shipbuilding not only Ukraine capital, but also CIS countries. It affects and the population: at us 65% of adults have the higher education, it is elite of engineering shots. Many years our city was closed because the ships voyenno - navy here were under construction, including that was carriers of nuclear warheads. At the same time - Nikolaev the city open. We have many sworn brothers: the Italian Trieste, French Lyon, Japanese Tokyo, Polish Voyevodino, Turkish Bursa. But main among them - Moscow. We have a contract on joint plans of economic development, we often visit to each other and we exchange delegations. Nikolaev - was under construction as the Russian city and we are Russian-speaking people, but well we know and we love Ukrainian and long ago we feel as Ukrainians. To us and to mind doesn't come to divide Ukraine to the west and the East. There is at us here neither pro-Russian rusofilstvo, nor a terry Ukrainian rusofobstvo. We in Moscow have the association, and we are proud of natives of Nikolaev.For example, Igor Kruty and Valery Meladze who in youth got an education of the shipbuilder! And you know, what the anthem of Moscow ("My dear capital …") was composed by nikolayevets Mark Lisyansky?

Nikolaev - the founder of the Black Sea club which includes 23 cities of the Black Sea pool. Our city is very attractive to investors: we are going, for example, for money of investors to build the bridge through the Southern Bug, and it is half a billion dollars! We are able to earn and therefore not really - that we are afraid of crisis though, of course, there is a lot of problems. Everything, as they say, difficultly, difficult, but - isn't hopeless.

At us small and medium business develops, ports smoothly work: dockers receive today to five thousand hryvnias. Crisis, for example, all didn't concern the well-known enterprise "Sandorra". The state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" doesn't live in misery also. Channel collecting from Bugsko - Dneprovsko - limansky and the Kherson sea channel thanks to a hard work of seaports and such enterprises, as a grain trader "Nibulon" gives it the main profit. This year there were considerable shifts in implementation of the old project of the sea approach channel of the deep-water ship course (DWSC) "Danube-Black Sea". Works were conducted since 2004, this year at last - that the main part of a dam is finished, and till October construction will be complete completely. Capacity of Danube as transport artery - is huge and isn't realized yet. We attract today shipowners and charterers to the Ukrainian part of the channel, we explain its advantages to navigation.

All this allows to exceed revenues of the city budget. We don't close schools and kindergartens, constructed municipal коллегиум for exceptional children, we organize a set of different festivals - from fate - musical, to the mass media festivals. And here the Iridescent Spring festival which representatives of the Nikolaev association of gays wanted to spend, lesbians and bisexuals "League", we forbade!.

But problems, of course, in the city suffice. Difficult times are gone by the Nikolaev builders - amounts of works fell to 63% and for 64,7% respectively. Not so long ago in the city there was a Minister of Transport and communications Iosif Vinsky. He accused the city power of preventing of reconstruction of the railway station, and also of squandering of the coastal territory in interests of small and medium business. Stumbling block again Nibulon steel, aluminous plant and ports.But the mayor Vladimir Chaika considers that behind these claims there is not so state interest, and attempt of pressure upon large Nikolaev business which carries out the activity on exclusively lawful bases. Though, of course, business to business discord. We unambiguously support the government resolution concerning gambling structures. And business at all in that, how many these businessmen pay taxes in the city budget. The local government is ready to offer special zones for the organization of a gaming which wouldn't do harm to the population of the city of Nikolaev.

Shipbuilders trade in spare parts …

Leader of shipbuilding - the Black Sea shipbuilding plant. Here in due time destroyers, mine cruisers and zagraditel, submarines, tankers and ice breakers, mother ships and китобои, the linear ships and bulk carriers built … The Slavutich flagship (1992), and the last ship which has descended from building berths of ChSZ - the Amber of Crete tanker (1994) became the last ship constructed for Ukraine. Now plant - the state joint-stock holding company. It is excluded from the list of the strategic enterprises and negotiations on its sale are conducted. Today shipbuilders trade in spare parts and scrap metal, lease warehouses and repair vessels. Earlier here more than 40 thousand people, now - a little more than 2000 worked. Very difficult situation and at plant of a name 61-го the Communard. Three unique building slip places from which it is possible to float vessels weighing up to 20 000 tons stand idle. Both plants - leaders on debt on a salary and on a rent for the earth. Rather not bad affairs only at Okean plant which is redeemed by investors are and there is a hope for its revival.

For shipbuilders today there are no orders. Ukraine doesn't build the ships not only for export, but also for itself, and it leads to aging of our fleet, decrease in volumes of participation in transportations of the foreign trade freights, so - to loss of profits, to strengthening of dependence of Ukraine from the world freight market and to increase in import of transport services. But ourselves can't cope with this problem. Potential opportunities of the Ukrainian shipbuilding allow it to take, at least, the seventh place in a rating of ship-building powers of the world.Now everything depends on the leaders of the state which has to carry out reforming and restructuring of the ship-building enterprises, and also to adopt the acts sent to support of domestic shipbuilding …

On May 20-22 in showroom "Exponikolayev" the XV International exhibition "Shipbuilding-2009" and impressions worked for journalists and visitors were sad because the main thing - shipbuilding as that - it wasn't presented: didn't take in it part GP "Shipbuilding Plant of a Name 61-Go Communard", GAHK "ChSZ". The mayor Vladimir Chaika at opening said that the state doesn't pay due attention to shipbuilding and that he would wish to see at this exhibition and to call to account party leaders and the parliamentarians supervising shipbuilding in the ministries. But those on opening of an exhibition didn't arrive - not before it, it is visible. The head of the delegation of Embassy of Poland Andrzej Grabovski was the only thing, the optimist. He declared that the Polish enterprises look for partners in Ukraine therefore the Polish shipbuilders participate in an exhibition. "Crisis is and still there will be some time, but it isn't necessary to look at it, how at accident: you will have investors", - he convinced present.

The auction on - it is Russian

Russia, naturally, looks at Nikolaev with nostalgia. It very much doesn't have ship-building shipyards on which it would be possible to build aircraft carriers for the Navy, and here, literally in the eyes, such enterprises fall! And Moscow offers Kiev a compromise: to involve the Ukrainian ship-building capacities in exchange for prolongation of the contract on stay of the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol. It was declared by the head of commission of the Federation Council on sea policy, the former commander of Northern fleet admiral Vyacheslav Popov. "Only in the Navy of the Russian Federation an aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" is constructed on Nikolaevsk shipbuilding plant, - the admiral told, - we have a productive field for cooperation with Ukraine in the field of shipbuilding. There are Nikolaev shipyards which at the time of the USSR built aircraft carrying cruisers. Now plants - "fallen". But at mutual desire of the parties they can be lifted from knees, to restore technologies … For this purpose we can present a complex of offers which would be favorable to both countries and would concern both a rent for base in Sevastopol, and developments of social infrastructure, cooperation in the sphere oboronno - an industrial complex, shipbuilding and other areas".

"The Ukrainian party" - in reflections. On the one hand the destiny of ship-building branch, and with another …

is decided

With another - the head a press - services the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Kyrylych reminded that the conclusion of the BSF of the Russian Federation from Sevastopol will be carried out on May 28, 2017, having referred thus to the Constitution of Ukraine which "doesn't provide basing of foreign military formations in the territory of Ukraine".

But, it isn't known what laws, we provided sale of the unique ships. We leave them as though it is the usual stuff which was overlooked on an attic. The guide in the shipbuilding and fleet museum almost indifferently tells about what ships are sold to Chinese for nothing, as scrap metal, and how inhabitants of Heavenly Empire acquired "toys" painted and converted in restaurants …

Nikolaev learns to live without the ships, and nikolayevets with the same professionalism with what built submarines and aircraft carriers, sew now wonderful footwear, look after animals in a zoo, trade in grain and alumina, investigate ancient Olviya's remains, play performances, raise children. Also believe that nevertheless shipyards - supporters that graceful sea giants - a miracle of engineering thought and gold working hands will grow up by them will recover - and the city will be fanned again by pride and romanticism of ship glory …


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