ORT returned to Ukraine. And we lived without it quite happily...

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As the Ukrainian air was left by the Russian TV channels and what peacekeeping effect had disappearance of a teleproduct of the Russian Federation for a microclimate of my family. We lived generally without ORT quite happily, read Shenderovich, Latynina and Radzikhovsky. My father, the last ten years - a thorough putinist, became absolutely such as earlier, the democrat and the liberal understanding that he lives in the certain country of Ukraine. I, repent, all this time looked on ORT site (now it is the first national), to watch show "Ice Age" videos, and, coming across the text version of information of the channel that "Hitler's doll will be in hands of each Ukrainian child soon", couldn't but rejoice that this channel left Ukraine. But I rejoiced not for long … The temptation came exactly to the Trinity … ORT called me from the room of the son to the room of parents at first a voice of the Russian politicians who spoke about how integration with Ukraine is thoughtlessly interrupted. And then - a voice of Sergey Tigipko which, staying at the summit in Petersburg, in the comment to the Russian mass media told that in Ukraine the generation of pragmatists grows up that time National - patriots and a sharovarshchina will consign to the past.

"Sergey Leonidovich dear, technical candidates for president shouldn't so strongly try to cave in in front of Russia. The place of favourites of Russia is taken by more rating candidates, and you not from those whom Putin will congratulate three times on election... ", - I mentally noticed to the chairman of the board of investors at Cabinet of Ministers. My mental vrazumleniye was interrupted by the most interesting plot. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin arrived to the city of Pikalyovo to rescue the large enterprise which co-owner is Oleg Deripaska. Putin lectured oligarchs in the room, and a situation painfully reminded bureau of a district committee of Komsomol on which I in the far journalistic childhood too had to report for tricks in the press. Owners of plant were as whipping boys. I saw how Oleg Deripaska, earlier the richest person, approaches to Putin and under his pressing appends the signature under the document. It was the brightest of examples seen earlier by me "the power interferes with business affairs".No, Yulia Vladimirovna at us, of course, too not a share - the girl, it can publicly construct, demand ministers that a salary paid without nonsenses, but so it hadn't to humiliate and incline "donors of the budget". I don't know, whether Deripaska flushed, but I felt as skin his rage when he appended the signature, under the document which to it Putin defiantly pointed a finger. Marvelous relations of the power and business, of course. It is curious, whether it was pleasant such to the chairman of the board of investors mister Tigipko? Our businessmen nevertheless got used to the tender address, receptions at the president, - се, opportunity public "фе" to the power...

The main part of the total analytical program of the main Russian TV channel nevertheless was devoted to Ukraine. Possibly, Naftogaz is that main thing that disturbs the Russian consumer. Between times, the Russian TV channels which exaggerated earlier a subject, whether Ukraine will pay for May gas, now as though between times, recognized: "Yes, Ukraine paid, but with improbable work". "And now let's think, whether she will be able to pump gas in underground storages for the winter", - leaders offered a new subject. Russians joyfully quoted the Ukrainian president who told the known phrase about crucified NAKE, and told about issue. My father anxiously looked at me: "We have no money for winter gas". "Don't worry you so, - Nakovsky analysts say that in the summer gas will be cheaper, and on all downloading two weeks of time are necessary, - I consoled the parent. - Simply Gazprom wants to push to us now, as now more expensively". The father calmed down, and hosts continued to explain to the people that such issue and to predict that will be with Ukraine. They reported that money for gas in Ukraine isn't present and that Europe itself told that won't give anything to it. And then began to report that money in Ukraine not only on gas isn't present, they in general aren't present. And that the economy of Ukraine is such financial pyramid, these are MMM (Russian украиновед Gennady Minchenko so told). Ukraine has really problems, but we only are one point lower than Russia on its indicators, and besides, Ukrainians don't know that such MMM. We had scams, but such as MMM - weren't. And about a default, unlike Russia, we, fie - fie while we know only by hearsay.

I didn't like everything that I looked, and I don't love myself that so I react. But my Russian colleagues simply don't allow Ukrainians to see everything in Russia that can be expensive and interesting to them.Hermitage, Tretyakov gallery, family of the last emperor, their theaters, their modern theological science and church art. They systemically dung the soil of ethnic hatred.

The last five minutes of the program were about Pushkin, the plot promised to be interesting. I saw how Gryzlov diligently read Alexander Sergeyevich in a neutral zone of the airport, then any trade-union figure read the tale of a bottom and his worker Balde at one enterprise. And about a miracle, even Ramzan Kadyrov was the person so sincere that, having taken Pushkin's small volume, though slowly, but read his verses on the Caucasus. And how you think, than this plot on very Russian subject ended? Correctly, Pushkin's reading by one political scientist. He read that place where (I quote the leader) "Ukraine makes advances to Europe and where Mazepa" betrays. Here truly: about what told the Russian TV channels, they speak about Ukraine. Perhaps, Ukraine also makes advances to Europe, but thus my five-year-old son, yet without having learned to read, Pushkin quoted напамять, without piece of paper. And Lermontova, by the way, too. In total anything, all these news very much would amuse me. Here only I am rather afraid that my father who as Neo, only recently I got out of the Ortovsky telematrix and began to restore healthy critical thinking, will stop loving now Shenderovich.

Masha Mishchenko


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