The Ukrainian miliiarder were comprehended by demographic crisis - them remained only 4

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The number of billionaires in Ukraine decreased with 23 to 4, thus Rinat Akhmetov on - former remains not only the richest Ukrainian, but also the richest person in the territory of the former USSR in spite of the fact that the cost of the assets belonging to the businessman, in a year decreased by 70%.

About it today on a press - conferences were reported by the editor-in-chief of the Korrespondent magazine Vitaly Sych.

He noted that prepared by the magazine together with Dragon Capital investment company a rating the TOP of-50 richest Ukrainians showed that conditions of the largest industrialists and businessmen in 2009 became much less, in comparison with 2006 from which "Correspondent" conducts history of an assessment of assets in Ukraine. Many millionaires and billionaires in Ukraine for some months of this year were rolled away, at least, on four - five years ago.

As the Horned owl reported, Roman Lunin, the owner of the Kishenya Is Great network which state in a year was reduced by 11 times - to 93 mln. dollars appeared the leader of falling in 2009 (a minus of 19 positions in a rating). Also It should be noted that Dmitry Firtash's condition in a year decreased from 2,9 bln. dollars to 255 mln. dollars, and as a result - a minus of 14 positions in a rating. Valery Khoroshkovsky lost 7 positions in a rating, thus its state decreased from 1,6 bln. dollars to 223 mln. dollars

The horned owl emphasized that as a whole from 23 billionaires in 2008 in the list of the richest remained only four. It, traditionally, the Donetsk businessman Akhmetov (in a year the state decreased from 31,1 bln. dollars to 9,6 bln. dollars), his Dnepropetrovsk colleague Igor Kolomoysky (the state decreased from 6,6 bln. dollars to 2,2 bln. dollars) and two other natives of Dnepropetrovsk - Victor Pinchuk (the state decreased from 8,8 bln. dollars to 2,2 bln. dollars) and Gennady Bogolyubov (the state decreased from 6,2 bln. dollars to 1,7 bln. dollars). It should be noted that a year ago the second position in a rating belonged to Pinchuk.

Konstantin Zhevago kept the 5th position in a rating, thus its state decreased from 5,2 bln. dollars to 919 mln. dollars.

6-ю, 7-ю and 8-ю positions of a rating were taken by Sergey Taruta, Vitaly Gayduk and Oleg Mkrtchan (the condition of each of them decreased from 2,4 bln. dollars to 753 mln. dollars), who occupied earlier 11-ю, 12-ю and 13-ю rating positions respectively.

With 10 on the 9th position in a rating Alexander Yaroslavsky which state in a year decreased from 2,6 bln. dollars to 620 mln. dollars


The first ten a rating is closed by Vladimir Boyko who took earlier 8-ю a position. Its state decreased from 3,2 bln. dollars to 606 mln. dollars

As the Horned owl noted, most of all in a year those who works in the bank sphere suffered. The TOP list-50 was left by six bankers. From ten bankers there were only four and those in total lost 79% in assets.

Bankers in the list were pressed by representatives of agrarian sector and the food industry. Now in a rating of 14 people anyway connected with agriculture or production of food. The richest of them Yury Kosyuk who takes 12-ю a rating position. Its state is estimated at 531 mln. dollars (against 1,5 bln. dollars year before).

Also the editor-in-chief of "Correspondent" reported that the speed of falling of the Ukrainian billionaires and millionaires this year was three times higher, than on the average on the world. While the most wealthy Ukrainians in a year on the average grew poor for 75%, billionaires around the world for the last 12 months, according to the Forbes magazine, on the average lost only 23% of cost of the assets.

It should be noted that the threshold of entry fell to number 50 of the richest Ukrainians from 271 mln. dollars last year to 65 mln. dollars in it.

It is thus reported that the Party of Regions remains "to the most prosperous" socially - the political organization. So, 13 people from the TOP list-50 have party membership cards of regionals. In the sum their capital this year is estimated at 11,4 bln. dollars. Closest "persecutor" of Party of Regions - Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. In the ranks of BYuTA only five participants of a rating who 2,45 bln. dollars

in total own

Vitaly Sych also called in question the standard opinion that concentration of the capital in Russia rich with oligarchs - one of the highest in the world. So, if ten richest Russians own the enterprises which in the sum there are only a little more than 3% of gross domestic product of the Russian Federation, ten our richest compatriots possesses states more than in 10% of gross domestic product of Ukraine.

As a whole the Horned owl emphasized that if conditions of the richest Ukrainians will be reduced by present rates, next year in Ukraine there will be only one billionaire. "Clear business that it will be Rinat Akhmetov", - the editor-in-chief of "Correspondent" told. Thus "the entrance ticket" in the list of 50 richest Ukrainians will make about 20 mln. dollars


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