Bogatyreva declares that it she rescued Party of Regions which wasn't ruined nearly by Yanukovych

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The secretary of Council of national safety and defense of Ukraine told about the merits in disorder КСиВы.

We give a fragment of interview of R. Bogatyreva to Interfax — Ukraine agency:

Question: In one of interview you cruelly criticized creation of the new coalition. Some mass media call you one of the central participants of negotiation process …

Answer: After interview to me there was more than one hundred phone calls on support from Party members of Party of Regions, and first of all, from the southern regions. They, all without exception, criticized the solution of party on transition under the aegis BYuT and speeches of lobbyists of the failure contract for party. Voters supported my conclusion that such marriage contract will inevitably lead at first to split in Party of Regions, and then to its dispersion in BYuT. I am happy that the party leader of regions heard my concern and took into account, making the decision on refusal to enter into alliance with the leader of BYuT, having apprehended my analysis of a situation, an assessment of its consequences in the mentioned interview. For me the purpose of my program performance in mass media consisted in an urgent appeal of all to protection of national security and stability of the constitutional system. As all questions of announcement of political marriage between Party of Regions and BYuT were already solved therefore I perfectly understood that only my position for cooling of this process could be insufficiently. Therefore in the office of the National Security and Defense Council we developed a special anti-crisis plan of actions on a case when not only this will be created a miracle - the coalition, but also the new Constitution of oligarchical parliamentarism will be initiated. Why? Yes because behind an electoral system which had to be fixed by the Constitution, oligarchs, members of their families and service servants could get to parliament only only. Certainly, I actively held negotiations with representatives of all political forces. Discussions with them constantly were confirmed that we with the president on the right track. In this situation it was necessary to work resolutely and openly that we and did.

Question: Whether you talked to V. Yanukovych on this matter?

Answer: Yes, but it was already on June 9 after announcement of the corresponding and very timely statement by it in Kiyevo - Pechersky monastery. In разгов


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