Deputies want to dismiss Stelmakh and to declassify Yushchenko's residences

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The corresponding inquiry of group of deputies, in particular WELL - Nsovtsa of Yury Karamzin and "regional" Yaroslav Sukhy, is sent to the president by 319 voices.

Deputies motivate the address to the president with a failure to provide Stelmakh stability of monetary unit of Ukraine, "a connivance to bank swindles, ignoring of standards of the civil code that led to a mass robbery of the Ukrainian people, depreciation of national currency... and to undermining authority of a banking system".

"In a case ненаправлення the corresponding representation recognition by the president of a personal responsibility for the losses put to citizens and a banking system", - it is spoken in inquiry.

In turn the communist Igor Kaletnik made to the president an inquiry about dismissal from a position of the head of the Kherson regional state administration Boris Silenkov "for the systematic abuses allowed by it in the land sphere, an illegal expenditure of public funds and causing damage to the state in especially large sizes".

The inquiry is sent to the president by 297 voices.

Besides, Byutovets Vladimir Yavorivsky made an inquiry to the prime minister, the head of Public administration by affairs "about publication of information on number of residences of the president on territories of Ukraine and the sums of means which is spent by the state budget for their contents in the conditions of a rigid economic crisis".

WELL - Nsovets Mikhail Polyanchich addressed to the public prosecutor "concerning illegal actions of SBU concerning the leader "The uniform center" Victor Balogi".


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