The mayor shouted at the management of ChSZ, and the plant of a name of 61 Communard and the minister промполитики accused of treachery

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- Yesterday at me conversation, and with voices raised, with the management of the Black Sea plant took place, - Vladimir Chaika told. - And they to me swore that to a City Day liquidate debt on a salary, and that today look for options as about New year to carry out restructuring on the ground. I will "run" now over those who against us. Plant of a name of 61 Communards against our city. The minister промполитики against our community. Because we fight now for sanatorium - a dispensary "Ingul" who remained one ambassador of disintegration of the Union. We fight because it is necessary to our community. That those who made it made very quietly. Today, considering that taxes 61 plants don't pay, the sanatorium got already to pledge of our tax inspection. It will buy for the sum by means of which liquidate debts on a salary, - within six million. All complex - for 11 million. And on it everything will end.


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