Vladimir Chaika: "I told: one and a half million to me also deputies from NSNU will pass... "

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On a press - conferencesOn June 12mayor of NikolaevVladimir Chaika, making comments on visitA.Yatsenyuka, скаазал that he very much wouldn't want repetition of 2004.

- I told Arsentiyayu Petroviç: if you go on elections, don't bring together the people as collected earlier. That I didn't stand between people and didn't speak: calm down, you are necessary to the children. And children? We hardly calmed children with 1 on 10 class which one went with orange ribbons, and others with the blue.

I don't want to stand again in the community between two walls. I don't want. And when Yatsenyuk asked me: and in what you are parties? I told: I was in CPSU Central Committee party. There will be how many BYuT? It is so much, how many at the power there will be Tymoshenko. Blocks won't be. Now speak, parties are necessary. Means, the front which was created by Yatsenyuk, has to develop into party. But the party needs to be built not under elective campaign. And the party needs to be built very long. And if today those who voted against me, I went here, I told, already in "the rescue front", and I unambiguously don't trust those people if they once lose are losers.

In the West, if someone told that here, at me something didn't turn out because something happened, to that already the trust isn't present. Here and at us in the West Yulia Vladimirovna any more won't accept with open arms. And the Party of Regions though it in Ternopol won 10%, it doesn't mean that it will pass on Red Square or on the Khreshchatyk.

No, everyone will fight today. And if we want that Ukraine was whole, we have to tell each other honestly to whom we trust and to whom we don't trust.

On a question, whether Sergey Isakov will go on elections of the mayor, heading "The front of changes",Vladimir ChaikaI told:

I asked Arseny Petrovich: and you know, what they with Sadykov went on elections and lost? And you know that they spent 3 million though I had an offer for election campaign: one and a half million to me, give one and a half and also deputies from "our Ukraine" will pass because I will support them? Besides, I suggested Isakov to be the first deputy.

What would be big now the person - the first deputy of the mayor, goes to the fourth time on elections, and he is a person young. We could make his mayor, - Vladimir Chaika summed up.


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