The Nikolaev houses are going to warm outside to save energy, and to do fuel of garbage

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In Nikolaev on June 9 passed the next Communal meeting of regional office of Association of the cities of Ukraine and communities. Part in it was taken by city chairmen and secretaries of councils of the cities of the Nikolaev area.

The presentation of experience Nikolaev and Voznesensky of the Executive Committees of the City Soviet of People's Deputies on introduction of power keeping and alternative technologies of a heat supply became the main question of a meeting.

According to Vitaly Yavorsky, the non-staff adviser to the Nikolaev city chairman, energy saving turned into one of the most burning issues for local government. The sharp raising of energy costs will lead to that the greatest part of local budgets will be spent for their payment. At the same time our stocks of energy saving enormous, and till this time in a bigger measure not involved.

Now the investment project on modernization of networks and pump stations of a water utility that will allow to reduce energy consumption by equipment even more prepares for realization. One more perspective area of work - thermosanitation. About the beginning of implementation of this project, with the assistance of the attracted investor, declared recently.

Replacement of windows, establishment on external walls of houses of a heat-insulating covering, electroheating with use of a night tariff for the electric power, etc. is provided. The first heatsanitation there will pass some houses on the Alluvium.

In Voznesensk 88% of apartments are transferred to individual heating already. For this purpose the city power granted inhabitants rotary loans. Thanks to it, gas consumption in the city was reduced by 34%. On gas boiler rooms which remained, the power plans to install electric boilers which would work at a night tariff, and to use gas as reserve fuel. In the city the first boiler room already acts on a wood chip and the line on chip briquetting.

In the long term creation of boiler rooms which will use these briquettes as fuel will begin. And for their production it is more than raw materials than enough: these are branches and trunks which remain after sanitary выруба, плевла, a rod. Besides nearby - a forest area where it is possible to buy necessary raw materials cheap.

In the long term in the city are going to use and pyrolysis fuel (pyrolysis - reaction of decomposition of organic chemistry in the conditions of high temperature) which raw materials is any garbage. Besides in the city the cogeneration installation which gives inexpensive heat and the electric power is also started in action.

Participants of meeting came to a conclusion that work on energy saving has to be coordinated at the level of regional office of AGU, then with its help, city councils will be able regularly to exchange the acquired experience in this branch.

Within General meetings the round table on discussion of Strategy of protection of the rights and representation of interests of local governments to which city chairmen were invited, secretaries of city councils - members of the Nikolaev RO AGU, advisers and deputies of mayors, representatives of mass media, public organizations, parties was carried out.

Participants of meetings considered some other questions, in particular, decided that creation of Association of village and settlement councils to create which offered Yu. Tymoshenko at All-Ukrainian conference on questions socially - economic development of settlements, is inexpedient. As it will be duplicating structure because and so there is an Association of the cities and communities and Section of the small cities which are capable to defend effectively interests of city and rural communities.


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