The Vienna considers that Tymoshenko will construct the campaign on bones of ministers

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Minister of Transport and communicationsIosif Vinskyconsiders that the prime minister - the ministerYulia Timoshenkois going to build the following election campaign on charges of members of the government of corruption.

He declared it in interview "to Bee - Bee - Xi", making comments on Tymoshenko's charges of abuses in the address and the subsequent resignation from a position of the minister.

"It seems to me that madam Tymoshenko decided to build the election campaign on charges of corruption of members of the Office. It seems to me that below this level any prime minister - the minister" can't go, - Vinsky declared.

He emphasized that "corruption is absolutely specific action which has to be proved, for this purpose there are appropriate authorities".

"As far as I know, no proofs (corruption actions) concerning (Minister of Defence) Yury Ekhanurov still are present. Also I think that charges in my address will be absolutely unfounded as there is no subject even for such charges", - Vinsky told.

"And me it is a pity that the prime minister - the minister, ввязавшись in political fights, having lost all policy and having lost prestige, tries here such methods to restore it. I think that this bad job and it will give nothing to it", - he added.

The Minister of Transport also noted: "I don't see that madam Tymoshenko fought against corruption. As I offered the whole series of measures which really economically would force out corruption, but they aren't supported the prime minister - the minister".

The Vienna noted that the present government is pleasant to him, "but that the prime minister - the minister does, is absolutely inadequate". "Tactics of transformation of the government in the government of empty chairs in today's conditions - economic, political, - in my opinion, is deeply wrong. It seems to me that personnel issues in the government should be resolved as fast as possible as it isn't normal when in such difficult conditions the government isn't completed", - he added.

Making comments on negotiations of BYuT and Party of Regions on coalition creation, Vinsky told: "The political union with Party of Regions didn't take place this time as the Party of Regions didn't want.And Yulia Timoshenko was already ready to such unnatural union".

He emphasized that doesn't perceive it is and therefore resigned.

"But except political aspects which are absolutely clear to me, there are still economic problems, there are questions of personnel policy about which I meanwhile don't speak, but time will come, and I will tell how some personnel issues were resolved. Also there are questions especially moral", - Vinsky told.

"I once again say that I consider absolutely inadmissible when the prime minister - the minister due to humiliation of members of the government, due to frank lies gathers to himself authority on presidential election. This in general unacceptable situation", - he emphasized.

The Vienna noted that after a desertion of the party "Batkivshchyna" will work in left-centrist movement but which will be a format of political work, yet wasn't defined.

On a question, whether it considers possibility of return to Socialist party, it told: "I don't consider now any opportunities. Once again I say that today I yet wasn't defined, in what political format I will work. But that I will be in active policy it is unambiguous".


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