BYuT: "Inter" bears threat to national interests of Ukraine

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Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc calls information policy of Inter TV channel "information diversion against Ukraine".

About it it is told in the BYuT fraction statement concerning "Inter's" last air.

"That "Inter" does today, can be called unambiguously - information diversion against the Ukrainian state. As it is executed hatred to everything that is connected with the government of independent Ukraine. Actually today the channel became a loud-hailer of antigovernmental forces which bears threat to national interests of Ukraine", - is spoken in the statement.

The fraction "appeals to all citizens of Ukraine not to trust "Inter", not to trust Firtash".

"This television channel is controlled by clans and relay only their interests", - is told in the statement.

Besides, BYuT appeals to all Ukrainian politicians to refrain from participation "in various doubtful political shows on the channel: for the decent and honest politician today to participate in them - shame and a shame".

"Yesterday, on June 21 on Inter TV channel which is controlled by the owner of Rosukrenergo Dmitry Firtash, the unprecedented hysterical sabbath directed against the government, against Ukraine was played", - declare Byutovtsa.

"Such violent hatred and rage against the Ukrainian state, the prime minister - to the minister, to all Ukrainian it wasn't shown by anybody and never for all years of independence of Ukraine. Similar translations can cause the real shock in the ordinary person", - is spoken in the statement.

In opinion Byutovtsev, Firtash "throws today the last reserves and resources into fight at any cost to overthrow the government, to create chaos, destabilization and tension in the country, to cause in people disbelief and disappointment and on this wave to return to corruption and shadow schemes".

"It won't be! The fraction wants to assure different "firtashy" and his players that corruption won't operate any more Ukraine, Tymoshenko's government won't allow to laugh at the state", - is told in the statement.


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