Whether will open more widely at the Nikolaev deputies of a shower and heart to help the needing?

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Today, on June 22, in Nikolaev meeting of coordination council concerning implementation of the city program "Social Protection for 2007 - 2011." took place. But this time meeting decided to hold not in the building of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, and in office of the physician - social rehabilitation of pensioners and disabled people of the territorial center of the Factory area.

First, having seen a large number of strangers, patients of office began to worry. They decided that the center want to close and started asking deputies not to do it, assuring that "here is cozy as at home". However director of the department of work and social protection of the populationSergey BondarenkoI assured that anybody won't close anything.

Deputy director of department of work and social protection of the populationLyubov SemerkhanovaI told that all in Nikolaev there are four such centers - in Factory, Ship, Central and Leninsk areas.

In the Factory territorial center there is an opportunity at the same time to accept on rehabilitation (one course - 18 days) 35 people, in Leninsk - 17, in Ship - 17, in Central - 25.

On the basis of these territorial centers there are five more "microcenters" in the remote districts of the city - in Varvarovke, Ternovke, Matveevke, Big and Small Korenikhakh.

By wordsSergey Bondarenko, it is the main comprehensive city program till 2011 which helps with definition of the main ways of development of rendering the address help to socially unprotected citizens. But this year the state underfunded this program for 46%, only thanks to deputies of the City Council it was succeeded to add to the allocated sum 2,3 million more UAH

"It would be desirable that at all deputies of city council the soul and heart opened more widely and they would help us with the material plan, after all needing the help there is a lot of",- the head of the constant commission of city council concerning work and social protection of the populationstated the wishSergey Palivoda.

For example, only in Varvarovke where lives 11 700 people, 3183 people are veterans of war, 504 more persons - disabled people.

Chiefs of the territorial centersVictor IvanenkoandLarisa Telenkoacquainted participants of meeting with activity of the centers of social protection in the remote districts of the city. In particular, it was noted that there is such problem, as providing staff of the centers with the computer equipment. On what Sergey Bondarenko put forward the offer to cooperate not only with deputies, but also with local banks.

"After all powerful and expensive computers, and now many banks aren't necessary to us get rid of outdated equipment. So why don't we adjust with them cooperation? ", - the director of the department of work and social protection of the population declared.

Also at meeting the decision for the purpose of an exchange of experience was made to hold exit meetings with specialists of the centers of social protection of the population of residential districts of Varvarovk. Ternovka, Matveevka, Big and Small Korenikhi.


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