Ukraine again was in shit - Yanukovych

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Signing of the declaration on reconstruction of GTS of Ukraine with EU without participation of Russia won't do good to the bilateral relations of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

It was declared by the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych on air of the ICTV channel.

He told that was present at meeting with the president Victor Yushchenko, "when the president told that we have a fine opportunity to sign the agreement with EU about creation something there, yet clearly, but for two".

"I told, and gas whose will be? Russian. And what you are going to create if there is no third participant? There is a consumer, there is a transitor, and there is no owner of this gas. What purpose of this agreement? If - you it achieve the objectives once again to give up unfriendly gesture towards Russia", - Yanukovych told.

"To you not only that you did in the relations with Russia? It is a lot of. So you talk over with our partners in Europe, there are a lot of sane people. Talk over that we shouldn't play this game that this game won't do good, only to the detriment", - the leader of regionals noted.

"We received result - an acute reaction of Russia, Europe receded back, and Ukraine again appeared in shit, to put it mildly", - Yanukovych declared.

"So why for us it is necessary? Or it is wanted by the Ukrainian people? I am sure that isn't present. And to pursue the policy which has been torn off from the point of view of the Ukrainian people, has no prospect", - he told.


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