Yushchenko won't sign the law on an All-Ukrainian referendum

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The president Victor Yushchenko won't sign the law on an All-Ukrainian referendum adopted by recently Verkhovna Rada

He declared it during communication with students in Kharkov.

"If it is short, I think that isn't present", - the president answered a question, whether he will sign the relevant law.

Yushchenko assured again that all changes have to be made to the Constitution by results of holding a national referendum.

"I once again declare that introduction of any changes or withdrawal (norms) into the Constitution have to happen on a national referendum", - he told.

Rada adopted on June 5 the law on a referendum by which the parliamentary way of acceptance of new edition of the Constitution is provided. According to it the parliamentary majority has to approve the project of changes in the Constitution, and then to appoint on it a referendum.

The earlier vice-the speaker Alexander Lavrinovich assumed that the president will veto the law adopted by parliament on a referendum.

"In Ukraine there was no president who would like to hold a referendum according to the law, I want to look as Victor Yushchenko for the fourth time will veto (to it it did three times) on the law on an All-Ukrainian referendum", - noted vice-the speaker.


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