Regions - Tymoshenko: 12 billions on a barrel or from the power

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The Verkhovna Rada voted for a change basis in the budget concerning increase in a living wage.

For 243 deputies voted. BYuT and coalition part of NUNS didn't vote.

According to the project brought by Party of Regions it is offered to approve for 2009 a living wage on one person counting on a month in a size of 1 July - 808 hryvnias, since October 1 - 848 hryvnias and for those who treats the main social and demographic groups of the population.

For children age till 6 years: since July 1 - 727 hryvnias, since October 1 - 764 hryvnias;

For children age from 6 to 18 years: since July 1 - 930 hryvnias, since October 1 - 977 hryvnias;

For able-bodied persons: since July 1 - 860 hryvnias, since October 1 - 900 hryvnias;

For persons who lost working capacity a living wage to establish: since July 1 - 644 hryvnias, since October 1 - 674 hryvnias.

The project was opposed by BYuT, having declared that it will debalance the budget.

At the same time the regional Alexander Peklushenko declared: "12 billions on a barrel! You don't know where to take them - go from the power. We have people who know where to find 12 billions, both 25, and 30".

"If you have no money for people why you have 18 billions for "Naftogaz? " Why there is for the Ministry of Defence billion quarter? Finish дерибан the countries! Or work as you advise, or collect belongings", - the regional declared.

Also the communist Adam Martynyuk declared that wants to look as those who shout about unbalance of the budget, will vote for governmental changes in the budget. It reminded that according to a living wage for a month перепадает 3,2 kilograms of bread and on one prisoner of war of the German in the USSR gave to the Ukrainian 21 kilograms.

Regionals demanded to decide their bill as a whole, but the speaker Litvin refused to put it on vote. "I will agree if is not 800, but 1500", - the speaker declared.

At the same time he agreed to raise on vote a question about reduced bill considerations, but this offer didn't collect enough votes.

On the next requirement of regionals Litvin suggested "to delegate to PR all power with the requirement that the law will be carried out". "But it both isn't carried out, and won't be carried out", - Litvin assumed.


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