Yatsenyuk thinks that Yanukovych and Timmoshenko started against him dirty game

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The leader of "The front of changes" Arseniy Yatsenyuk doesn't consider as accident reduction of official term of prezdentsky campaign.

He declared it during a briefing for journalists in Zaporozhye.

"Reduction of official term of campaign isn't accident as election campaign in Ukraine started still on the first of January the current year. And it doesn't stop. And for some Ukrainian politicians who direct today the government, it started in day of the announcement, to be exact, in the inauguration day of the incumbent president" - he told.

The leader of "The front of changes" noted that process of election campaign will be extremely dirty and therefore he expects "any surprises" from opponents.

"There is a danger which I publicly opposed. I warn you as I know about idea which are nourished by Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and the Pariah Regionov, concerning change of the law on presidential elections where election commissions will be formed only by fractions", - he noted.

"I will remind you that the only candidate for president who has today no fraction, is Yatsenyuk. And therefore I understand, such changes why are accepted, and why they will be offered. It is made, actually, to exclude one of candidates who has an identical rating with the acting prime minister Yulia Timoshenko to have opportunity to keep the results", - Yatsenyuk declared.

He also emphasized that in details watches development of this process, and if these plans are realized, it will be direct violation of constitutional laws. "I understand against whom there is a game - against me, you can not doubt", - the leader of "The front of changes" told.


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