Балога promised an unprecedented portion of attacks, rudeness and insults

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The member of presidium of Uniform Center party, the former head of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine Victor Baloga predicts that present presidential campaign will be most expensive and the dirtiest.

It expressed such opinion in exclusive interview to agency UNIAN.

According to him, campaign will take place in conditions of huge mistrust of society to the power as that, and to its concrete carriers in particular.

Балога noticed that some emotional factors will put pressure upon a choice of people: disappointment, irritation, apathy.

"The hope for arrival of the effective, responsible, honest leader is, but it is hidden very deeply and with someone concrete from the declared candidates doesn't associate", - he noticed.

Judging by the first months of campaign which already actually began, the present electoral race in many respects will repeat previous, at least on start, and you shouldn't expect the competition of intelligence, ideas, foreseeable programs, "but up to a throat will be populism, attacks, rudeness and insults", considers Baloga.

"To voters will distribute again tips, media in the conditions of crisis also will touch not too food, exchanging loyalty for shadow budgets of staffs. It will be the most expensive campaign. It will be not ideological, but financial. It is necessary to understand that means and informal budgets will be declared. Finally, выигает at whom the wallet" will be thicker, - he noted.

Балога expressed confidence that two candidates who will reach the final, should agree, what imperious configuration to build after elections. "And the speech has to go not about banal дерибан positions, and about the principles of formation of the power across and verticals, regardless of the one who specifically will become the first face in the state. I think that all potential winners (three them or it is more) well realize that without achievement of a consent concerning the power mechanism long they not "процарствуют". Otherwise the present chaos at all imperious levels will remain, so, sooner or later the people will take out new governors from their offices without appropriate honors", - he emphasized.


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