Vladimir Chaika: "The state exhausts transport in boondocks"

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As we reported earlier, the staff of the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevelektrotrans" from - for debts on a salary called today a strike: from 7 o'clock in the morning in the city movement of all electrotransport is stopped.

The mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika agreed to comment on this situation.

As Vladimir Dmitriyevich in telephone conversation explained, the debt was formed from - that the Cabinet of Ukraine didn't list to Nikolaev the subsidies provided by the budget for electrotransport. The debt on a salary for April and May makes 1 million 600 thousand hryvnias. To find a way out, the following actions were undertaken. From the budget of the YEAH Nikolaev area I agreed to list 500 thousand hryvnias. And from city budget one million hryvnias is allocated. These means will block the formed debt on a salary at the Nikolayevelektrotrans enterprise.

Besides, Vladimir Dmitriyevich reported that he directed the Prime minister - to the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko the letter in which expressed opinion that this situation poses threat for Nikolaev and other cities. Seagull I acted on behalf of the colleagues - mayors of the cities in whom workers of electrotransport too strike.

Vladimir Chaika considers that all problems proceed from that budgetary funds are distributed unevenly. So, from 1 billion 370 million hryvnias which had to be sent to Nikolaev, in the I quarter 25%, II and III quarters - on 15%, in IV - 45% are transferred.

- It becomes, allegedly, to balance the budget. But in practice it turns out so that in the end of the year the state allocates such funds, to master which for some days it is simply impossible. Therefore they need to be returned only back. Such actions us cheat, and transport exhaust in boondocks, - the mayor is distressed.

But also the proposed solution on a way out at the Nikolayevelektrotrans enterprise Vladimir Dmitriyevich called wrong.

- In this case the city and area carry out powers of the state. But this money which we allocate to extinguish debt, are already distributed - for municipal needs, on City Day celebration, - the mayor commented.


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