Yury KOSTENKO called TYMOSHENKO and YANUKOVYCH grandsons of "grandfather Lenin"

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"Though condemnation of Stalinism and Nazism separates forty years, it is possible to welcome only adoption of such powerful act by Europe", - the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the leader of the Ukrainian people's party Yury KOSTENKO declared. So the politician estimated the resolution of Parliamentary assembly of OSCE "Reunion of the divided Europe" where the Stalinism is equated to Nazism. OSCE suggests to determine the all-European Day of memory of victims of Stalinism and Nazism which will be noted on August 23, in day of signing of the pact of Molotov - Ribbentropa.

"UNP initiates modification of the legislation of Ukraine of rather immediate declassification of documents on the staff of Stalin intelligence services who were involved in repressions", - declared KOCTEHKO. Thus, according to him, "at legislative level from the list of veterans of war veterans of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, except for the military personnel of Border troops" have to be withdrawn.

"Ukraine has to clear the historical truth of stratifications of Stalin mythology, and also liquidate all monuments of the totalitarian past as it was done by the democratic power of Germany, eradicating Nazism from public consciousness", - the leader of UNP is convinced. It reminded that "still in 90-x years the relevant decree about destruction of symbols of totalitarianism is issued, but everything ruined as in the Ukrainian power mainly sit either today's grandsons of "grandfather Lenin" or yesterday's". "Both that, and another Stalin and Lenin on belief is closer, than Roosevelt or Churchill", - stated KOCTEHKO.

He considers that "and today the Ukrainian power usually sins with totalitarian mentality". So, "two largest political forces of parliament - oligarchical megablocks - BYuT and Party of Regions, - instead of cooperation on the basis of national interest for social needs actually are engaged in interstine fight", - Yury KOSTENKO emphasizes. In his opinion, "in this fight which has with practice political an opposing in the democratic countries nothing in common, the Ukrainian power and opposition work on the same Lenin principle. destruction


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