In Nikolaev ramps constructed on a "fast" hand – work turned out ass backwards

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On July 8 in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies meeting of committee which deals with issues of easy access of disabled people to various establishments took place. Officials weren't too lazy to employ the photographer who visited those places where ramps are established. The director of the department of work and a population social security Sergey Bondarenko showed during meeting slides with photos of ramps.

The majority of these designs are constructed with violations of construction norms. In particular, many have too big tilt angle - to the person on a carriage very difficultly to rise on such ramp. Especially as nearby often there are no hand-rail or they are established incorrectly. Some ramps constructed on a "fast" hand, rest against a lattice or at a door.

The only establishment which received Sergey Bondarenko's praise, is a library of a name of Kropivnitsky. Thus that there conditions don't allow to set a ramp, considering all norms, library workers found an original way out. However, this "exit" in 120 thousand hryvnias managed.

And here the entrance in zhilishchno - an operational site No. 11 which in appearance reminds an entrance to a cellar with bums underwent special criticism.

- How the head of ZhEKA can bring the building to such state? ! - the official was indignant.

Ramps which are established at schools, terrify. Not only that they remind of far times of bombardment, so also conduct to eternally closed in the building of school of a door without handle.

And (moreover and with violation of norms) disabled people - wheelchair invalids simply don't live in some entrances where ramps are established.

- Funds aren't allocated for installation of ramps, and it was necessary to establish them in the shortest terms, - the head of department of education Raisa Vdovichenko told. - We hurried. But a half of the established ramps doesn't meet standards and can do much harm to human health. It is necessary to remake that we did.

It should be noted that any ramp isn't executed according to the project. Because also projects that wasn't.

As the deputy chief of housing and communal services department Sergey Klimenko told, the cost of installation of one ramp averages 10 thousand hryvnias. And if to adhere to the legislation and to order the project, examination, the sum turns out transcendental.

- We each other spoke: give figures, give indicators. Now we stopped and we look that did, - Sergey Klimenko told. - Far not near each entrance there is a technical capability to establish a ramp. And where is, disabled people and their relatives ask us: "You established a ramp. And what further? How to move at an entrance? " We try to create visibility of movements. That last year some ZhEKI established ramps at the expense of a rent is a violation.

Nevertheless, there is no other way out - the President gave command to establish ramps, and it has to be executed.

Sergey Klimenko scarified actions of officials which do the work "for the report".

- Lists of places where it is necessary to establish ramps, are constantly corrected, - he told. - It occurs from - for stupidity of some officials. In 2008 the Department of a social security gave us lists of places in which it is necessary to establish ramps. In them 217 houses are designated. From them 117 we equipped. In 18 houses the ramp isn't necessary - there the entrance is at ground level. In 6 - there is no technical capability to establish a ramp. And there are cases when people refused to establish a ramp at an entrance - it isn't necessary to them.

Sergey Klimenko was interrupted by Raisa Vdovichenko.

- You came to tell who as the duties doesn't carry out? - she was indignant.

- I see disinterest of state structures in this question therefore lifted it, - Klimenko answered.

According to him, for 2009 to housing and communal services Department it is allocated 100 thousand hryvnias for installation of ramps. From them 18 are already spent.

- A half of ramps is an ugliness, mockery at disabled people and other people who live in an entrance, - the head of city club of disabled people "Victoria" Valery Golovin who "is chained" to a wheelchair told. - Such feeling as if builders think that a ramp is an ugliness which prevents people to go. A half of these ramps needs to be dismantled and done the new.

Sergey Bondarenko promised that Sergey Klimenko will take with himself, and two of them on a wheelchair will try to rise on the constructed ramps.



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