"The mouse - an outdoor advertizing" won't allow advertisers to get on "free cheese" to Nikolaev - city

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The mint can make money without advertizing only. And good advertizing has to be much, - businessmen and заполоняли motley big - boards of the city street considered. From the crisis beginning motley posters started vanishing, the market of outdoor advertizing fell to 60-70%, and some owners of boards didn't find time to clear the plane of old advertizing at all. As a result city streets looked, as after bombardment - the tatter of old posters which is falling down on the road, as autumn leaves, and the rusty planes. The prospect of development of "outdoor advertizing" to holographic and photon images thawed at the sight of crisis, as delusion.

The truth that die one by one is known, and survive together. Therefore in fight against crisis operators of outdoor advertizing united in council for questions of coordination of activity of external advertizing in Nikolaev. After all it is together simpler to carry on dialogue with local authorities and to regulate the activity, to help to work in the conditions of the healthy competition, adhering to the general rules.

Oksana Yanishevskaya - the director of JSC Sigma-Sport-Invest was elected the head of council, more than 15 operators of the outdoor advertizing deputy the mayor Leonid Fomenko, the head of department of town-planning and architecture of executive committee Alexander Bondar, the director of KP "Bureau of an Aesthetics of an Urban Environment" Alexander Omelchuk and other representatives of services and the city organizations were a part of council.

By data "The esthetics bureau" in the city works more than 20 large and some small operators of the market. As Oksana Yanishevskaya told, since the end of 2005 until the end of 2008 in Nikolaev the moratorium on installation of new designs (the solution of session of city council No. 37/33 of November 17, 2005) worked. During this time there were many illegally established designs. In the fall of 2008 KP "Bureau of an Aesthetics of an Urban Environment" was created. "Bureau" ordered in "Giprograd" the project of placement of outdoor advertizing on city streets. Built it, considering only an arrangement of streets and buildings. Naturally, such project "I surpassed all expectations" of operators of "outdoor advertizing" - the part of the planes "appeared" in the green plantings, some "hung" or "were dug" in city communication networks.

This project doesn't display a real situation in the city. And since the project is approved, but can be sent back by architects for revision, nevertheless, refusals on placement of the planes in other places are based on this project. Therefore businessmen by own efforts decided to create the alternative project - on the example of Mira Avenue, its representation will take place on one of the following meetings of council, until the end of summer. In this example operators of "outdoor advertizing" plan to register and represent everything that would like to see on the correct project - plantings, communications and all other.

One more scourge of law-abiding operators of outdoor advertizing - a dumping of the prices from outside "illegal immigrants". To trace the planes placed self-willedally it is problematic quickly enough - "The esthetics bureau" carries out planned inspections, but can't follow all. Well (from sarcasm shares, certainly) when illegally established борды block or prevent to serve the legal - owners of the last will quickly find and will expose the malefactor. Naturally, the person who decided on self-capture of the city earth in such way and ignored production of the scheme of placement, coordination with all allowing instances moreover and free from payment of taxes for this earth and advertizing, "grows up" such planes as mushrooms after a rain moreover and sells them at the price significantly lower than prices of law-abiding businessmen. And the Antimonopoly committee will be already engaged in it. And the local advertiser from "network sales managers" should explain long to the main office at the request of AMK, on what the money allocated for an advertizing campaign left. "The bureau of an esthetics of an urban environment" asks nikolayevets to report about the remarks concerning big - boards by phone 76-99-37.

As for images, the content of advertizing - sometimes so creative who is she borders on norms of morals, and sometimes so primitive that in an emphasis isn't located in a framework of common sense, responsibility for it is born, first of all, by the advertiser. But Oksana Yanishevskaya reported that operators estimate placed object from the point of view of "The law on advertizing". If to it contradicts nothing - it is possible to place. The maintenance responsibility of a plot lies on the advertiser. But in case of judicial dispute, the conclusion will be drawn by the National commission of experts of Ukraine concerning protection of public morals, according to the STORAGE "Protection of public morals" of November 20, 2003.

But is during an era of crisis and the positive moments! For example, on many boards, at last - that, was a place for social advertizing. It is clear that it takes place free of charge, but besides, businessmen shouldn't pay in city treasury a tax for the earth even if on it there is an empty board. Therefore it is possible to expect that soon on city streets will appear a lot of congratulatory big - boards with 220 - m city Birthday on which, most likely, won't do without light face of the mayor.

And still, from - that the enterprises - "network sales managers" any more don't buy such quantity of the planes for long terms, nikolayevets sometimes dare to indulge close people with congratulations on holidays on big - boards, to express gratitude to the people who have given help or even … to find each other.

So one young man so wanted to meet the girl, but didn't know her phone. It placed its photo on a board, and asked it to call, having printed the number. Probably, many of you too saw this board. Speak, the girl appeared on the same day.

That, "big-time politics", the city again запестрит with the worn-out phrases of political strategists will begin soon painfully familiar persons. While everything isn't present it, it is possible to find 1-1,5 thousand UAH and to make pleasant to darling, having shown the love to all city. Or to find, at last, the old institute girlfriend who in any way won't master "Odnoklassniki.ru" but to which so it can't wait to communicate. Or to tell "Thanks! " to the person, which it as anybody, deserved.


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