Victor Yushchenko accused the Nikolaev forestry of preventing to creation of natural reserves. The reason of it the President called corruption

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During meeting in the Volynsk area the President of UkraineVictor Yushchenkabout I sounded some problem questions concerning the reserved woods inNikolaev regional nuclear heating plantand. As reports a press - the service of the President, today a "zapovednost" indicator in Europe makes 15%, and in Ukraine - only 5%.

Victor Yushchenko reminded that in 2008 charged to the Government and local government to provide preparation of materials concerning creation of new national natural parks and reserves. By decrees of the President of Ukraine it is provided creations of 43 new national natural parks, expansion of the territory of nine objects naturally - reserved fund.

Despite it, projects of creation of considerable part of parks "poorly move ahead from - for Goskomleskhoz's preventing". In particular,creation of several national natural parks, including "Beloberezhye Svyatoslav" in the Nikolaev area is suspended.

Goskomleskhoz's bodies motivate refusal in coordination of projects of creation of national parks by threat for existence corresponding state the lesookhotnichyikh of the farms, insufficient, in their opinion, level of studying of expediency of creation of parks, and also need of full material recovery for territories which are transferred to continuous using to parks.

"What values move people when they push such blocking? " - the President asked. He declared that expects the report on this situation from Goskomleskhoz.

"I give two months that these questions didn't exist any more", - the President warned.

Victor Yushchenko also noted that in some cases we have resistance to creation of natural reserves from local governments. Whether it concerns Nikolaev, the head of state didn't specify, but emphasized that it is important to find a common position between local executive power, the Ministry of environmental protection and local governments."In my opinion, the obstacle is one - absolutely conventional attitude", - the President told. He urged participants of meeting to look for compromises. "I bring 30 days that you put the end on those questions which were initiated, including, you. I don't accept the answer that you have problems on legitimation of decisions which were made in a number of the ministries and departments", - Victor Yushchenko told.

One more problem of nature protection business he called management of objects and territories naturally - reserved fund. "Huge number of establishments have no acts on the earth, the equipped borders and even projects of the organization of territories", - the Head of state told, having reminded that the worst indicators in ARE the Crimea, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kirovograd,Nikolaev areas - to 10% of total area. In Donetsk, Zhitomir, Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov, Kherson and Chernovitsky areas - from 50 to 90%.

"The considerable part of establishments still didn't receive the State acts on the right of continuous using the land plots. According to Minprirodi, for today properly issued rights only on a half of lands of establishments naturally - reserved fund", - were stated by the President.

"I see the only reason of delay with streamlining of the land questions is a corruption, corporate interests - something small, low, but not state. There is no understanding that is a public affair", - the President told.

According to the head of state, the considerable part of establishments naturally - reserved fund functions without projects of the organization of territories which have to be developed for their protection, reproduction and recreational use. The president demands until the end of 2010 in cooperation with the regional state administrations and local governments to provide establishment in nature of borders of reserves and parks, and also to make documents which certify the right on provided to them the land plots.

On Victor Yushchenko's belief, it is impossible to disregard and not single cases of unauthorized hobby of the land plots in reserved territories. He appealed to the State Office of Public Prosecutor to provide rigid control of observance of the nature protection legislation.


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