Zabzalyuk "soldered in" to the Beet unclear to ideological byutovets personnel policy in the Nikolaev area

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The next fight the byutovskikh of "security officers" with "lawyers - businessmen" ended in favor of the large capital. Tymoshenko didn't give to Turchynov and Kozhemyakin the chief tax specialist - the banker Buryak.

Public зуботычина Nestor Shufrich in Sergey Levochkin's head I eclipsed dismantlings in kitchen of the real power. And there events with extremely high price of a question for lobbyists of all styles and the directions - byutovsky group of "security officers" of Turchynov boil - Kozhemyakina sharply desired resignations of the byutovsky head of GNAU Sergey Buryak.

The conflict became ripe long ago, but burst only on July 7, whenBeetI dismissed the chief of the Odessa tax policeBoris Tsabiyev, beginning career in Odessa SBU under a wing of the inhabitant of Odessa and the personnel security officerAndrey Kozhemyakin.

Already next dayKozhemyakinas the first deputy head of fraction BYUT I put a callTo beet. In translation with abusive the essence of conversation was reduced to the promise of dismissal of the tax specialist (the liberty in word usage already was brought by Kozhemyakina under the conflict to Svyatoslav Oliynyk).

For the morning fraction meeting was organized on July 9, on a plan of organizers the indicative flogging of the Beet with the subsequent written address to Yulia Timoshenko regarding resignation of head of GNAU was planned.

Some deputies spoke on behalf of "security officers", the champion of the military district of Prikarpatye on hand-to-hand fightappeared the most sincere of themRoman Zabzalyuk. The deputy who after wound in Afghanistan served in special forces of the Nikolaev area, "soldered in"To beetunclear to ideological byutovets personnel policy in the same Nikolaev area. Pier, in governing bodies of the tax shots of Party of Regions return, and byutovsky recommendations in GNAU ignore. And in general, what for resignations of heads of tax police in Odessa and Zakarpatye, and also games with compensation of the VAT?

From the same positions I actedVasily Derevlyany, to which with special satisfaction I objectedAndrey Portnov. This couple and so had an open wound in the relations.DerevlyanyI pressed through at Tymoshenko the decision on nonparticipation BYUT in recent Ternopol elections, and then together with the first deputy minister of justice Korneychuk failed war in vessels for non-recognition of those elections by the valid. ThereforePortnov, testing toTo Korneychukbig personal hostility, with pleasure Derevlyanogo dipped more than once in the Ternopol elections. And dismantlings with GNAU gave to it an excess reason.

However, for the Beet fitted in not only the "tailor's" lawyers testing as well as VictorMedvedchukbig antipathy to "security officers"Turchynov. I praised the Beet and the chief PR manager BYUT AlekskandrAbdullin, doing to a pit in gas business together with Medvedchuk in dashing 90-x.

The candidate in Ministers of Transport the owner of "Ukravto" Tarielsubscribed alsoVasadze, having general business withBeets(the brother of head of GNAU Alexander - нардеп from BYuT). In particular, the bank of Beets "Brokbusinessbank" owns part of JSC Ukravtozaz-Service which is headed by the son Vasadze.

I acted also itselfBeet. In an explanation of personnel policy (hthat doesn't dismiss "regionals" for byutovets) I told that it has problems more than with ten thousand dismissed tax specialists which come back through banal courts. And it the for Tymoshenko does work - let and due to advance taxation, but the plan of the income in the budget is implemented.

So the head of GNAU transferred to the gathered deputies on whose party in this scandal "goddess". Kozhemyakin about a position the prime minister - the minister learned from it personally. In an individual order.

It sufficed that the fraction as a result didn't give a hint at all at the address to Tymoshenko with the requirement of conclusions onTo beet. All understand who on the eve of expensive election campaign is more valuable - the banker - the tax specialist, or the security officer. However it is possible to predict that it is far not the end to dismantlings of "security officers" with медведчуковско - Tymoshenko's kolomoysky environment.

And only the episode of the star wars which has come to the end with intermediate failure of "security officers" after recent intermediate victories: appointment of the head of State customs, preservation of the Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko and participation in a kickback of 10 billions eurofootball hryvnias, reports


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