The Zaporozhye governor told that he is a hunter correct – beer drinks, and at animals doesn't shoot

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The Zaporozhye governor is the law-abiding citizen and recently didn't go shooting. Respectively, information which was published by one of the Zaporozhye newspapers where it was described how the governor of the Zaporozhye area Alexander Starukh was recently on hunting and even I hit a game, isn't true. The governor reported about it at a today's briefing.

Also Old women marked out that the hunting season begins only in the middle of August, and therefore it as the law-abiding citizen didn't go shooting recently.

"The hunting season begins since August 14 and therefore I on hunting any more wasn't long ago. It is more than that, all my previous hunting took place successfully - any animal didn't suffer. I don't shoot at all at animals. I have a quite good camera, and I during hunting use it. Besides, on hunting I prefer to drink beer and to communicate, instead of to kill. Simply some editions, ducks" like to start, - Alexander Starukh told.


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