The director "Nibulona" caught the chief of NMTP in a lie

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The director general of JSC JV Nibulon, the Hero of Ukraine Alexey Vadatursky stated extreme surprise and indignation in connection with a number of the inveracious and doubtful public statements made by the chief of port GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" by Vasily Kapatsyna on Monday on a press - conferences in Kiev.

"Statements of - on Kapatsyna concerning allegedly privatization of 22 hectares by "Nibulon" of the water area - are false and don't maintain any criticism. Especially revolts that fact that the legal assessment concerning long-term rent by our enterprise of the land plot which transferred us the Nikolaev City Council, already distances and prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area (30.03.2009), and Appellate court of the Nikolaev area (9.06.2009), and the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine (16.06.2009), and also SBU(3.04.2009) and other bodies. No questions to us are present, everything is lawful, and the g - Kapatsyn's N knew about it", - Vadatursky declared on Tuesday to journalists.

In this regard the general director of JSC JV Nibulon noted that can't treat Kapatsyna's statement differently, as conscious twisting of the facts and substitution of concepts.

"Kapatsyna on - former acts as it was done by his former chief - g - N Vinsky (ex-the Minister of Transport and communications of Ukraine). And it takes such steps that though as - that to justify the joint actions with Vinsky, caused damage as to our enterprise and a city community of Nikolaev, and as a whole the state. In Ukraine there are no laws on water privatization, as well as air. But at the same time, it doesn't stop Kapatsyna in his statements for privatization of the water water area and that it is allegedly put by our enterprise in one of foreign banks. It is a complete nonsense! And it once again confirms attempt of capture of lawful property of our enterprise, that is, the mooring, and selection of the land plot which is in rent at our enterprise since 2002", - the Hero of Ukraine Vadatursky emphasized.

Besides, the head "Nibulona" stated surprise because Century.Kapatsyna as the inhabitant of Nikolaev and the head of Nikolevsky port knows no limit the cities and can't distinguish a waterway of nation-wide appointment which itself transferred to the water area of sea transport port, from lands of water fund.

Vadatursky showed to journalists the relevant documents, in particular, with prosecutor's office conclusions which confirm legality of the Nibulonu broadcast of the land plot in long-term rent for a period of 25 years.

"Provided to JSC JV Nibulon in rent the land plots in structure of internal waterways which belong to category the sudnoplavnykh, and also to borders of the water area transferred to using of GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port", don't belong", - is spoken, in particular, in the resolution of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area of March 30, 2009.

V. Kapatsyna's statement of that allegedly a property right on possession "Nibulon" confirms with the water area the passport of this water area the deputy general director "Nibulon" Andrey Vasilyev disproved also. He explained that the water area can't is in a private property, being national property.

"There is a document which is made according to requirements of Ministry of Transport of 2003. This passport of the water area is necessary to observe requirements for labor protection and profile safety. This passport doesn't define the right of this or that person including "Nibulona", on the water area, it gives the water area characteristic. The enterprise became the customer of the passport, but from it it didn't become the owner of the water area", - Vasilyev confirmed.

The day before, on July 7 on a round table in Nikolaev heads of private enterprises of a morekhozyaystvenny complex of the country declared rigid intention to resist to raider attacks of Mintranssvyaz to their business by all available legal ways. In particular, the decision on creation of profile branch association for protection of the enterprises of this sphere at the level of the central and local authorities is made.


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