"The stray dog is such dog who has no house …"

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Homeless animals in our city - quite habitual phenomenon. Probably, each nikolayevets, coming back home from work, on the way I met the become unproductive dog or a kitten - a zamukhryshka to which and to approach - that terribly not that to caress. You never know what infection will cling? And from pack of the hungry dogs ransacking near garbage tanks in search of food, citizens at all jump aside aside, can after all and bite … Though that there are homeless animals and ranks of these poor fellows are constantly joined people are guilty. About 2/3 inhabitants of Nikolaev contain, part and distribute posterity of the dogs and cats, at all without being interested that with them will be tomorrow. Members of the Nikolaev city society of protection of animals came to such conclusion after carrying out in the city of special opinion poll.

Similar social poll inNikolaevit was carried out for the first time - for a sotsissledovaniye it was interrogated one thousand inhabitants aged from 18 years and is more senior.

Survey was conducted with the purpose to find out opinion of citizens on the maintenance of animals (cats and dogs) and protection of their rights. As the initiator of his carrying out the Nikolaev city society of protection of animals which also is also the developer of the questionnaire acted.

In June of this year the Center of sociological researches ChGU of a name of Pyotr Mogila carried out the specified opinion poll, which results the following.

First of all, it should be noted that in Nikolaev about 2/3 inhabitants have pets (cats or dogs) that makes 67.1% of total of the interrogated citizens.

From those who has pets, 54.2% of respondents told that their cats and a dog bring posterity. From this number of 59.5% noted that they give the brought posterity in a good charge, 18.4% told that sell,3.3 % - throw out on the street, 17% - умертвляют and only 1.8% - retain.

In turn, from those who gives posterity in a good charge or sells, 33.9% always are interested in its destiny, 39% - only sometimes, and27.1% of respondents at all aren't interested in its further destiny. Besides 62.9% of respondents are sure that further the given or sold posterity won't be thrown out on the street, aren't sure of they are 23.7%, and 13.4% of respondents don't think at all of further destiny of the given posterity.

From those respondents who answered "no" a question of, whether brings their pet (a cat or a dog) posterity, 20.8% told that they will sterilize or 27.8% castrate the pets that they didn't bring posterity, - give special tablets, 36.5% - don't allow are viscous.

Though the fifth part of respondents from those who answered will sterilize or castrates the pets only that their animal doesn't bring posterity, about this operation know 48.2%, approximately as much (45.3%) - know very little about this operation, andheard nothing about it 6.5%.

To that group of respondents which answered that their pets don't bring posterity,the question of their relation to sterilization operation was offered.Answers were the following:

a) I consider that it is necessary procedure - 15.3%;

b) I consider that it only a humane way of reduction of quantity of pets - 18.9%;

c) I consider that it gives the chance to an animal (to a dog or a cat) further to lead a quiet life - 16.3%;

d) I consider that this procedure is unhealthy animals, and it is necessary to resort to it only in urgent cases - 23.8%;

e) never of it thought - 13.4%;

e) don't know or yet weren't defined - 12.3%.

On a question, whether they consider that in our city there are a lot of cats or the dogs having the owners, 61.5% of all respondents gave the affirmative answer, 30.3% consider that there isn't a lot of, and 8.1% of respondents didn't think of this question.

As for homeless cats or dogs, thatthem in Nikolaev 80% of respondents,answered much 16.3 % told that not so already and there are a lot of them, and 12.7% didn't think of this question.

The main reason for growth of number of homeless animal 24.3% of residents call that owners of domestic cats and dogs don't control their cultivation. At the same time 21.2% consider as the main reason that cruel owners even more often throw out on the street of the pets, 17.8% noted that there are no rules of the maintenance of possessory dogs and cats, 19.8% among the reasons call absence of the program of regulation of number of homeless animals, and 16.9% − lack of shelters.

Many owners, having learned not only in the theory, but also in practice that "a favourite toy" it is necessary not only to feed and give to drink, but also to walk, do inoculations and in every possible way cares of it, prefer to get rid of it, and the simplest way is to turn out on the street. Here also replenishment in ranks of homeless animals is ready. Recur to the memory, heard where - that words: "The stray dog is such dog who has no house" … And some painfully careful owners allow the doggie or a kitty to give birth a time "for health", without having thought thus of further destiny of posterity. And here again - on the street …

Happens that on the street animals get absolutely incidentally, only thanks to negligence of the owners who walk with them without lead or leave without supervision for a long time. Here and the number of the homeless of animals grows, "which have no house".

Among the offered ways of reduction of number of homeless animals:43.5 % consider that they need to be placed in a shelter,21.6 % support idea of introduction of rigid control over cultivation of cats and dogs, 23.8% support introduction of the program of sterilization of stray dogs and cats, and 11.1% of respondents suggest to shoot homeless animals. The idea with a shelter certainly not bad, but in Nikolaev isn't present an animals shelter. And neither in it, nor next year won't be if to trust words of our mayor.

Results of poll set thinking.You shouldn't forget that we in the answer not only for those whom tamed, but also for the future of their posterity!

It is possible to examine questionnaire questionshere.

At the last session of the Nikolaev city council of the Rule of the maintenance of domestic dogs and cats were discussed very roughly. The final decision wasn't made. The Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika suggested to take these Rules as a basis, and to finish them within 5 working days. Finally, as it was succeeded to learn, these Rules weren't accepted. Them repeatedly plan to submit for discussion on the closest session of the Nikolaev city council.


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