Garkusha arranges sabotage concerning ChSZ – komitetchik want revolution

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The committee on rescue of the Nikolaev Black Sea shipbuilding plant today, on July 16, carried out a press - conference to announce messages on position of plant and to shine a position of prosecutor's office and the authorities concerning a situation, based on their answers. To be exact, on question ignoring, as that, and an otmalchivaniye on Committee letters.

- GovernorAlexey Garkushaany answers to specifically questions posed doesn't give, but allows causticities to Committee on ChSZ rescue, - the chairman of committeereportedIgor Ovdiyenko. - On our missivesGarkushaI didn't answer, on a request of head of a regional councilDemchenkoconcerning creation of the working commission on questions ChSZ 2 weeks aren't present reaction of the governor.

The committee questions: who owner of plant? If Churkinykh deprived of the property right - that where the legal document confirming it? If the new owner, undertaken to fulfill investment obligations - ignored them and, according to the legislation, the plant has to return to state property for the solution of its further destiny - that why it doesn't occur? If fixed assets of plant (the case of sudomontazhny shop, metaldesign shop, unique machines) why the 60 million UAH received from sale didn't go for salary payment were sold not so long ago, and in general "disappeared in the unknown direction"?

The address toTo the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Stoyanovwith a request to give a legal assessment on a situation with a salary, to definition of the property right and on the facts of creation of fictitious creditors while too didn't receive the answer. But as reportedIgor Ovdiyenko,couple of days ago at personal meeting the Prosecutor of the region promised soon to answer the asked questions.

As the People's Deputy of Ukraine from KPUtoldVladimir Matveev, the plant was sold at the governmentYanukovych, andParty of Regionsnever recognizes the mistakes and won't protect ChSZ. Now all responsibilityPRwill bring down onBYUT, andBYUT, in turn, to answer the same, considersMatveev.

- In December, 1917 left resolutions on possible consequencessabotageofficials, - Vladimir Matveev told. - And so our officials, first of all the Nikolaev power, too arrange sabotage and plunder Ukraine.Probably, it is necessary to lift people indignation.

- The desire to rescue ChSZ has to be expressed from above, instead of we have to persuade to take the power measures, - addedOvdiyenko, which in 90-x itself was years the General director of ChSZ.

The committee on GAKH ChSZ rescue according to the Charter is obliged and will continue to inform the public on a situation on ChSZ both measures all lawful and available to it will fight for interests of shipbuilders of ChSZ and the state of Ukraine, reports Committee.


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