The Donbass miners arranged an underground strike

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Today on three mines of the State enterprise"Makeevugol"31 miners refused to rise by a surface, demanding from transport workers of management "Makeevpogruztrans" of normal conditions for the work.

As reported in the Central staff of the public militarized mine-rescue service in Donetsk, in GP "Makeevugol" on mine of Kirov didn't rise by a surface of 14 miners who are in the pump camera near an airfalling trunk; on Yasinovskaya Glubokaya mine 10 miners who are in the expectation camera on the horizon of 475 m didn't rise; on mine of Chaykin 7 miners who are in the okolostvolny yard on the horizon of 651 m

didn't rise

In a staff noted that mine rescuers left on all mines where miners strike, investigated a condition of the miner atmosphere, made selection of air and estimated a state of health of miners. Conditions in which striking miners now stay, satisfactory, as well as their state of health, told mine rescuers.

The head a press - services GP "Makeevugol"Vera LyashchenkoI explained to the correspondent of the UNIAN that since July 13 "there is a blocking by the management pogruzochno - transport management "Makeevpogruztrans" of transportation of our freights - cars with coal, the empties" aren't delivered. Thus she added that "Makeevpogruztrans" since Monday "doesn't deliver cars on mines therefore coal isn't taken out, and falls out on emergency warehouses that leads to rise in price of production expenses, deterioration of the extracted coals … And on mine of Kirov, for example, in general there is no emergency warehouse … Result can be anything, up to a technogenic catastrophe".

V. Lyashchenko reminded that till 2006 management "Makeevpogruztrans" was a part of GP "Makeevugol", but then separated in an independent state production facility. But, according to her, on June 16 current 2009 the minister of the coal industry of Ukraine Victor Poltavets "signed the order on return to management of "Makeevugol" of management "Makeevpogruztrans" as a uniform technological link, uniform it is production - a technological complex on coal mining".However the management "Makeevpogruztrans" doesn't want to execute the order of the minister and therefore breaks production on mines GP "Makeevugol", V. Lyashchenko told.

In turn miners of mines suffer from actions of transport workers and "demand renewal of work of management "Makeevpogruztrans" and demand from them deliveries of all materials necessary for production", she explained. For this reason miners went to a last resort - on a strike, and refused to rise today on the mountain.

"Striking miners demand that "Makeevpogruztrans" didn't block work that drivers of the locomotive returned on the cars, transported the wood and the other freights necessary for activity of coal production in Makeyevka …. They demand implementation of the order of the minister V. Poltavts", - the head told a press - services. According to her, the Makeevsky city chairman Alexander Maltsev "for 100% supports striking miners in their requirements and acts against in Makeyevka the anti-coal monopoly" was organized.


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