Shelter … for many this concept became a synonym of the words "family", "life" … (that occurs in the social centers of Nikolaev)

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The department of work and social security of the population invited the Nikolaev journalists to look as affairs in shelters and the centers of rehabilitation of the city are. We visited four objects, and anywhere didn't hear the complaint or a claim of "clients".

The first point of "survey" - directly Department, is on Dekabristov St., 25. There we were expected by the pensionerNikolay Nikolaevich Moloshchenko.

- I came to help to issue my acquaintance of a subsidy - them difficult to go therefore I decided to help, - he told. - I worked in this direction earlier, but here came and saw, how many occurred good changes. Such yet wasn't. There is a reorganization in the spirit of that was conversations less, and was more made.

Especially Nikolay Nikolaevich is imposed by that on any question it is possible to address in registry, and there in language available to elderly people will explain where to go and what to do.

Throughout all "excursion" we were accompanied by the department directorSergey Bondarenko. He told that all in Nikolaev lives 142 thousand 895 pensioners. From them 22 thousand veterans, 27 thousand - recipients of various grants.

- The most important for us - to reach everyone who needs the address emergency help, - speaksSergey Bondarenko.

The following item - Office of the physician - social rehabilitation of pensioners and disabled people of the Territorial center of the Factory area (Chigrin St., 13). Here we heard the first and, however, only not that complaints, but it is rather - offers. To the women sitting in a garden on a shop, the department head approached. Having identified in it the chief, women addressed to it: "There were dinners, and now not earlier. And the oxygen skin was".Sergey BondarenkoI answered that in connection with a difficult economic situation it was necessary to cut down expenses, from - for what even many people were dismissed. Nevertheless, an oxygen skin, most likely, this year will renew. And while it is necessary to forget about dinners. In principle, it didn't upset women. They told us about how are happy with service in office.

This institution is calculated on 36 beds. There is a gym, a piano, a restroom, an improving complex, the doctor here accepts.

- Creation of this structure we tried to liquidate borders between areas, - Sergey Bondarenko told. - Similar offices on rehabilitation of pensioners are in each area. But we don't lay down a condition that the person can visit office only in a registration place. If, for example, the grandmother arrived to stay for a while to the daughter for a month - two, she can address in that office where it is convenient to it, to pass a rehabilitation course. Now on service in the regional territorial centers is 2 387 lonely aged citizens. Our social workers at least two times a week come to these people. About 60 percent of our wards don't leave the apartment. Social workers are as though a binding thread between the person and society.

Further to us showed city office of social rehabilitation of children - disabled people that on Skorokhodov St., 83. In most cases here children who can't study at school get. The diagnosis "a children's cerebral palsy", "Down syndrome", etc. is made to some of them. In the rehabilitation center of children in a game form learn to put on, eat independently. Teachers - rehabilitology are proud of achievements of the pupils. After all children took part in Paralympic games. And the pupil of the center Vitalik Shmurat became a champion on swimming.

Little patients are brought here by "a social taxi".

- We go five years here, almost since seven years, - mother of the ward of the centertellsTatyana Solodila. - You understand, our children don't communicate with other children. And here come, and everything changes. In total раебята from different districts of the city. Was to reach is a torture simply earlier. Working transportation, with the child you won't sit down, a lot of time was spent on the road. Thanks to the city power, city department we in the center had here such minibuses which carry our children from the house and back. It is very convenient. Children with pleasure come. They had more time to play, communicate. Psychologists here work with children.

The following stop on a route - the City shelter for citizens of old age and disabled people on 2 Naberezhnoy St., 1. Here old men who have neither close relatives, nor the house get. They find the new family in a shelter and as it seemed to us, are quite happy with it.

The shelter is on the bank of Ingul on a height - very picturesque place. Everyone can find occupation to liking - someone catches fish, someone is engaged in a kitchen garden, someone - looks after poultry.

- Here everyone has occupation, - the director of a sheltertoldVladimir Vlasov. - We created the Longevity program and we fight for that our wards lived long and felt the need for this life and had interest to life. In the program - the equipped physiotherapeutic office. Last year deputies allocated money for acquisition of a special couch. There is a lamp Bioptron whom we use for healing of wounds, for treatment of catarrhal diseases. The room of psychological unloading is open - people can listen to music, have a rest, communicate.

Now in a shelter there live 34 persons. All of them are provided with 4-single food. Next year it is planned to expand a shelter for 30 мет.

- As for age of our wards, - continuesVladimir Vlasov, - that ten people of those who in 90 years, four persons - to whom is more than 95 years old. Marya Ivanovna Gvozdenko in five months will be 99 years old. Excellent babulichka. All go to it to consult. She sings songs, in conversations participates. In general average age of inhabitants of a shelter - 76 years. Each of them feels, as in a family.

In this shelter at old men new life begins.

- Some to us bring on a stretcher, - the director of a shelter speaks, - Speak: "It any more resident". No. In a week, in a month old men get up and there live five years. The adaptation period - about two months.

Victor Konstantinovich Faleevsky, to which 83 years, I came to a shelter. To meet us the old man left in a single-breasted coat and in medals.Victor FaleevskyI passed war, I met a victory in Berlin. It looks perfectly. Together with other inhabitants of a shelter it daily does exercises.

To get here, it is necessary to address in a social service.

As for pension, old men draw 25 interest of payments on hands, the rest give to the Pension fund.

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