Repetition of the Maidan won't be - experts

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Protest moods in the Ukrainian society aren't so great that at presidential elections the Maidan-2004" repeated ", experts consider.

During a round table on Monday the director of the Center of the social researches "Sofia"Andrey YermolaevI emphasized that at the beginning of election campaign many candidates for president started saying that these elections "are Rubicon, the last fight".

"But the public opinion, despite an economic crisis, has no apocalyptic moods, not in a hysterics and doesn't intend to sweep away all", - he told.

According to the political scientist if in 2004 there was a choice between the candidate from the power and the opposition candidate, now more difficult situation. "We have at all a triangle, and a pentagon", - Yermolaev noted.

"Unlike 2004 the majority of candidates on these elections are already checked by the power, they not unknown the voter", - was told by the political scientist, having reminded, asYushchenko, andYanukovych,Tymoshenko, Yatsenyukalready were at the state positions.

In turn director of the Center of the applied political researches "Penta"Vladimir FesenkoI emphasized that the economic crisis was reflected in a rating of major candidates in presidents, naturally.

According to him, recently, the economic situation was stabilized and ratings of major candidates "stood". "Now it seems protest moods are high, but I doubt that it will lead to that there will be a new Maidan", - the political scientist told.

According to Fesenko, on upcoming elections there are three centers of influence though, as well as earlier, there are two options. The expert considers that Tymoshenko it is necessary to be overcome for an exit in the second round.

At the same time, in his opinion, Yanukovych with an exit in the second round will have no problems, but it doesn't mean that he becomes a president.

Also the political scientist expressed confidence that the main political players will agree, and didn't exclude carrying out secret negotiations at once after the first round of presidential campaign and transition of these negotiations to an open phase at once after presidential election.

According to the expert, the parties on known conditions - one president, another - the prime minister - the minister will agree.

Fesenko considers that in case of Tymoshenko's victory, most likely, the parliament won't be dismissed, and the prime minister will be the acting as. "And Tymoshenko - the fact will be both the president and the prime minister - the minister", - he considers.

At the same time, in case of Yanukovych's victory, according to the expert, the Party of Regions will agree with BYuT. "Some time these political forces will be able to exist together... but it is short", - Fesenko emphasized, having noted that quarrels between them are inevitable from - for a mutual distrust.

The expert also didn't exclude that the part of an environment of Yanukovych can persuade him on holding early parliamentary elections under the pretext of a victory at presidential election and possible good prospects and at parliamentary elections.

At the same time, it is sure that "the second round in the form of parliamentary elections" is inevitable.


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