Brothers Chaika regret that they are brothers of the mayor of Nikolaev

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- No fight existed!- the brother of the mayordeclared to journalistsAnatoly Chaika, making comments on fight onPotemkinskoy, 84. We will remind that in a course of "clarification of good-neighbourhood", between the director of JSC SK"Contact - Zhilstroy" A. D. Chaika, deputy directorV. D. Chaikaon the one hand and director generalJSC NPTs ARI I.V. Rybachenkoon the other hand, Anatoly Chaika hurt to himself a nose and a forehead, and to Rybachenko's spouse with a shovel wounded a foot.

- We sort out five years the relations on this site, on different tones, of course, but a fight wasn't! - I insistedAnatoly Chaika, -Rybachenko's spouseI rose under a ladle with concrete(not to allow builders to carry out illegal works on her opinion -bus)-Victor(the second brother -bus)I tried to drag it by a hand - why to it to stand under a ladle with concrete(and truth, reasonable remark- bus) ?And Rybachenko seized Victor by the second hand and too started dragging, but the left hand at Victor is injured and practically doesn't work therefore I decided to help the brother, and seized Rybachenko to delay. We didn't resist on logs and fell to them! That's all, no fight existed!

Probably, when this "a heap - is small" tried to rise from logs, they with alternate success grabbed each other a throat to help to rise each other …

-Don't politize these events,we not only brothers of the mayor Chaika, - I continuedAnatoly Dmitriyevich, -we as military - independent fighting units speak.

Well, that they very independent and very fighting, probably, it isn't necessary to convince anybody any more.

The Gorozhanin magazine initiated a press - conference on an occasion of the conflict and invited to sit down at a negotiating table in Association of the cities of Ukraine both parties.The appointment with journalists was made right after зsubsidence economic vesselson the land question of debaters. From meeting there arrived only brothers Chaika, Igor Vladimirovich Rybachenkothe lawyer - консультаsent the. Journalists listened to a position of brothers and only. Rybachenko told to journalists that itself intends to carry out a press - conference,On July 28, where will tell the position

As foressences of the conflict- that is plans of the parties for the earth. The land plot of the house adjoining territory on Potemkinskaya, 84 occupies 900 sq.m. Property in this house three persons - "Have Contact - Zhilstroy", "ARI" and Alexander Mukho (the only resident who has remained in that house). Potemkinskaya's territory, 84 adjacent to Potemkinskaya's territory, 82. Open company scientifically - the production center "ARI" which head is Igor Rybachenko, received in rent the land plot to Potemkinskaya St. address, 84 without the right of its transfer to sublease for a period of 10 years where it began construction of the office. And Chaika decided to construct an odnopojezdny 8-room house and received the decision of the Nikolaev City Council No. 32/18, approving the land allocation project on Potemkinskaya, 82. Borders of land territories clashed. Land owners clashed also. So, since 2002 the epic of lawsuits began.

Brothers of the mayor were well prepared to a press - conferences, the lawyer "Contact - Zhilstroy" Mikhail Lutsky read eight decisions of the courts according to which the court recognizes lawful "appetites" of brothers. But Rybachenko too has a pile of decisions according to which his "appetites" admit not less lawful.

Brothers Chaika declare that if they weren't brothers of the mayor - they would build for a long time the house. As Anatoly Chaika reported, he hadn't to be present at one session of the City Council, and the brother - the mayor in any way doesn't assist in "dragging" of decisions.

The resident scandalously - the known houseAleksandra MukhoI declared on a press - conferences that Rybachenko behaves on - boorishly, put seven cameras in the yard that is intervention in her private life - after all it and its territory. And still it"the greedy provoker":

- Once it took out the TV, still some things to the yard, opened all doors, - tellsAleksandra Mukho, - I was afraid that things will steal,I knew that it is its things, andI hidthem. And Rybachenko declared in militia and exposed methief.

After conferenceAnatoly ChaikaI reported that when all courts will be won by them (what he doesn't doubt), and the house will be built - brotherswill take careaboutTo Aleksandra Mukhoalso will provide it housing in replacements by its apartment in the house on Potemkinskaya. Probably, it gives to the woman strength to take part in "fight of Titans", to go on courts and conferences.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"don't undertake to accept a position of any of the parties - let "the head" hurt judges. The swan, Cancer and Pike and so mark time any more the first year, and therefore we will wait following a press - conferences … or operations …


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