Probably soon at "the Dawn - Mashproyekt" will appear the large order for China

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At the beginning of July "Ukrspetseksport" signed the contract for delivery with the Ministry of Defence of the People's Republic of China Is national - a liberation army of China of the landing ships on the airbag of the Bison project 12322 and transfer of technical documentation of these unique cars. The top management of China confirmed the interest in the transaction with a consent to pay the most part of debts of the producer of "Bisons" - feodosiysky shipbuilding company "More" (28 million UAH). Ukraine will receive 1 billion more UAH during implementation of the contract.

According to the Russian mass media, two "Bisons" have to make More FGC for the Chinese military, and two more will collect on shipyards of Heavenly Empire by means of the Ukrainian experts. Thus technical documentation will be transferred to the customer to the landing ship, and in the future of the People's Republic of China will be able to let out that quantity of "Bisons" which will consider the necessary. The contract was signed on July 2, during visit to Ukraine the deputy head of All-China committee of national political council of ChinaWang Ghana.

To the contract which prepared from last fall, negotiations on deliveries of "Bisons" between the People's Republic of China and Russia which were conducted with the beginning of the century preceded. However they ended with anything. According to the Russian version, obstinacy of the developer of "Bisons" - Petersburg TsMKB "Diamond" which agreed to transfer to the People's Republic of China documentation on the landing ship only after delivery to Heavenly Empire 10-15 "Bisons" became the reason of failure of negotiations allegedly. However, it is possible to assume that the Russian political management was simply not interested in sale to China of production technologies of the ship which can change military parity in the Far East.

The landing ship on the Bison airbag (displacement of 550 t and full speed of 60 sea knots (about 110 km/h), allows to deliver quickly down the river or I exhaust 150 t of freight or 500 paratroopers. The ship in a basic complete set is equipped with two art installations of joint stock company - 630M in calibers 30 mm and two 140 - millimetric rocket launchers of the MS model-227. On More FGC "Bisons" are under construction with 80-x years of the last century according to the project of Petersburg TsMKB "Diamond". Power plants for "paratrooper" were developed by krivorozhsky CB Energiya.The mass production of gas turbogenerators for "Bisons" also is carried out in our country - at the Nikolaev plant "Dawn — Mashproyekt".

It became known of that the large contract for delivery of arms between Ukraine and the People's Republic of China prepares at the beginning of May, when the Minister of Economics of ARCSvetlana VerbaI reported at meeting of Council of ministers of an autonomy that sale of "Bisons" and documentation on them will allow More FGC and suppliers to earn 1 billion UAH. According to her, the contract was already transferred to coordination to the Chinese party. At the end of June information on deliveries of "Bisons" by Ukraine to China was discussed by participants international voyenno - sea salon in Sankt - Petersburg. And on July 2 to Kiev there arrived the vice-chairman of All-China committee of national political council of a PDA Van Gunn who reported thatBeijing will gratuitously provide to Ukraine 25 million yuans (about $3 million) "on agreed on the technician - economic projects".

The parties involved in it while refuse to speak about transaction details. In More FGC and NPO Zarya-Mashproyekt claim that have information on the matter in "Ukrspetsesport". And in state company on export of arms comments refuse, referring to absence a press - services. On a field of export of arms it is possible to consider as the most probable cause of concealment of the next success of Ukraine nervous reaction of Russia. In TsMKB "Diamond" documentation sale on "Bisons" bypassing the enterprise, already called attempt of trade by a counterfeit.


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