The deputy of the mayor was shocked seen in Nikolaevsk of yachts - club

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It seems that thanks to numerous critical performances of mass media and public indignations, at last - that was succeeded to pay attention of the city authorities to a problem Nikolaev yachts - club.

On Thursday, in the second half of day, yachts - the club was visited by the representative commission under the leadership of the deputy of the mayorAleksandra Zhenzherukhi. Representatives were a part of the commission the chairman of Factory executive committeeKlimenko, head of department of tradeYury Pererodov, deputy chief of a municipal government of internal affairs militia majorAlexey Miroshnichenko, representatives of administration of commerce, санэпидемслужбы etc. In principle, all these people who well know, in what turned yachts - club in recent years. But even on them seen made the extremely depressing impression: yachts - club as that already aren't present! That is, it seems, all on a place: historical building, moorings, yachts etc. But all this no more than the remains of "former luxury" which look as surroundings. The present contents present Yachts - club is пивнухи. They make today its main essence. Beer points here great variety and for every taste - in total more than one thousand of "drinkable" places. Trade here in everything that the soul "eager" and "sufferer" can wish: shish kebabs and doner kebab from meat of an unknown origin, salads from nobody checked cucumbers and tomatoes, chips etc. But the main goods - certainly, alcohol. It is sold by all, in large quantities, without being thawed at all, without "bothering" a problem of licenses for trade in alcohol and other "trifles". And about beer and there is nothing to speak - here it flows literally like water. Everywhere full insanitary conditions dominate: shish kebabs prepare directly on the street, under scorching beams of the sun, vegetables and fruit, as well as hands of unlucky "cooks", wash a watering method from a bottle etc.

In the first tent the commission found directly - "strategic" stocks of hard alcoholic drinks: more than ten types of cognac (on appearance - an obvious counterfeit), the full range of vodka of any names.And all this is without any documents, without license for trade in alcohol! Little girls - shop assistants declared to the deputy mayor that all documents "are at the owner" to which right there began to call. Results of a call were interesting - shop assistants smartly started cleaning bottles with vodka and cognac from counters and to take out in improvised "utility room".

The campaign on this peculiar pothouse mega - a point was the real shock for vice-the mayor. Alexander Zhenzherukha grievously swung the head and all the time repeated: "With it it is necessary to do something! ".

Obviously, evening raid next day, on Friday, July 24 became result of the received impressions. It was carried out by employees of trade department of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, a sanepidemstantion and militia. Verification of documents on the right of conducting business activity, a sanitary state etc.was the purpose of raid

Everything passed according to the known scheme to pain: till 21:00, namely check, practically in each tent (about stationary "razlivaykakh" and nothing to speak) began at this time, traded in vodka, cognac, shish kebabs from it isn't known whom etc. It was worth checking stepping into "threshold" of yachts - club as almost all (except for what had licenses) sharply stopped trade in vodka products. There was an impression that all dealers about check foreknew. But even despite similar speed of businessmen checking it was succeeded to draw up some statements and protocols on some "guilty" businessmen. One of them was engaged in trade activity without allowing documents. In any case, at itself at their business owner it didn't appear. No documents existed and at settled down literally in the neighbourhood with it "shashlychnik". Third "palatochnik" "lost" on a sanitary state in the an institution. Generally, for serious raid - the baby.

It is known that among other things, businessmen in yachts - club not especially pay attention and to requirements of observance of silence in late time. But, if usually in each "razlivayka" loudspeakers from "shouting" music are broken off, and as a result - the sound merges in unimaginable cacophony which is carried on the Dry fountain, this evening was rather silent.

"Guilty" the checking "invited" all in department of trade of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies where they are obliged "to inform" available documents, and further their "behavior", quite probably, will consider and on coordination council at Nikolaevsk the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

By wordsOlga Spirina(the representative of trade department of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies), the carried-out raid is only began, and in the future they become almost regular, so to speak until while in the territory of yachts - club the situation won't change and businessmen won't start working within the law.

Than "attention" of the city authorities to yachts - to club will end, isn't clear yet. In any case, Alexander Zhenzherukha promised "to bring in the shortest terms an order". Meanwhile, activists of "Our city" actively continue petition under the address to the mayor and deputies of the City Council with the requirement to return yachts - to club the status cultural - the sports territory. Under the address already subscribed thousands nikolayevets.


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