The mayor Chaika as felt that case of autogarage cooperative "isn't pure" therefore wrapped this question at session

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As reported "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", Public service on fight against economic crimes of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area found out that the act of purchase and sale of the land plot belonging to autogarage cooperative "Vanguard — 2" is made on the basis of the minutes of members of cooperative where they agreed to sale of land. But as GSBEP check established, from 25 members of cooperative according to sheets 13 citizens there don't appear, 2 members of cooperative by that moment already died and 6 weren't present at meeting …

On the terms of confidentiality he reported that the direct relation to these frauds with the land plot which Vanguard — 2 cooperative belonged autogarage, the close relative of one of deputies of the Nikolaev mayor has. According to the deputy of the Nikolaev city council, the deputy of the Nikolaev mayor personally lobbied interests of the relative and "dragged" the decision according to which the Nikolaev city council granted permission for change of purpose of this ground.

Correspondent"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"I asked directly the mayorVladimir Chaika, whether he knows something that his deputies have a personal interest in this case:

- When there was a change of purpose of the earth, we didn't vote at once, we made the decision only from the third time. I "wrapped" this question because I didn't understand twice, didn't penetrate into question depth. But I don't remember that someone "dragged" this decision. I can give command to provide you the session shorthand report, and you all will see.

After we voted, I learned that frauds there were probably made. When I already had data that documents are forged, we transferred at once documents to management on fight against economic crimes, and information was confirmed.


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