Day of airmobile armies will be celebrated by the Nikolaev paratroopers on August 2

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About 8 thousand soldiers of paratroopers and ayeromobilist of Armed forces of Ukraine and veterans vozdushno - landing armies will celebrate Day of airmobile armies of Ukraine and 79 - the anniversary from the date of creation vozdushno - landing armies, reports the Ministry of Defence.

For the purpose of strengthening of moral spirit of soldiers, patriotic education and continuation of fighting traditions of a brotherhood of paratroopers by the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 937 of August 2, 1999 Day of airmobile armies was determined. These armies were created on the basis of parts and connections vozdushno - landing armies of Armed forces of the Soviet Union. The general - the major Vitaly Rayevsky who during war in Afghanistan ordered desantno - assault crew was the first chief of airmobile armies.

Military units and divisions of airmobile armies are a component of Integrated forces of fast reaction - the most efficient part of the Ukrainian army. As a whole, airmobile armies are a high-mobile type of military forces of Land forces which is intended for capture of the opponent from air and performance of fighting tasks in the back of the enemy.

In a peace time airmobile armies are engaged in combat training, increase the fighting capacity, take part in peacekeeping operations, carry out actions of programs of the international military cooperation.

Now in Ukraine there pass military service about 8000 paratroopers. Today a part of airmobile armies are 25-I separate Dnepropetrovsk vozdushno - landing crew 6-го the army case which is only as a part of Armed forces of Ukraine capable for landing in full strength - with regular equipment in the parachute way from Il planes - 76 or An-70, 95-I separate airmobile crew 8-го the army case which is deployed in Zhitomir, 79-I separate airmobile crew of Command of Land forces of VS of Ukraine which is deployed in Nikolaev, and 80-й a separate airmobile regiment 13-го the army case which is deployed in Lviv.

Preparation of officer shots for airmobile armies is carried out at the Lvov institute of Land forces, and the serzhantskikh of shots - in 169 - m Training center of Land forces.

Fighting vehicles to BMD-1 and BMD-2 landing, armored troop-carriers the armored personnel carrier - D, the armored personnel carrier - ZD, and also the self-propelled Nona installations 2C9 are adopted by airmobile armies. All these samples of arms and equipment can be landed in the parachute way from planes of transport aircraft. Besides, the Ukrainian paratroopers and aeromobilist have in the arsenal armored troop-carriers the armored personnel carrier - 70D, the armored personnel carrier-80, 122 - mm of a howitzer D-30, 120 - mm and 82 - mm mortars, figurative is antiaircraft - missile "Needle" systems, antiaircraft installations of the STORAGE-23-2, various shooting arms and automotive vehicles.

The equipment of the paratrooper, his individual weapon and military equipment, means of individual landing and means of landing of freights and equipment is gradually improved. It is developed and already the domestic equipment of the paratrooper of SD-1 started arriving in armies.

The state tests are complete and domestic landing and spare parachute systems are taken advantage. In Feodosiyskom scientifically - research institute of the aeroelastic systems parachute tests like "wing" for prospecting divisions of airmobile armies and divisions of a special purpose, and also operated parachute systems for landing of freights are begun.

During the state tests new domestic voyenno - the transport plane of An-70 which successfully came to the end at the end of last year, 40 most trained paratroopers and aeromobilist with the weapon and the corresponding equipment were landed from heights from 600 to 800 meters on different high-speed modes of the plane which made 360, 300 and 250 kilometers per hour.

For years of independence of Ukraine the staff of parts of airmobile armies carried out night parachute jumps, the Artery - 2007" is renewed the practician of performance of exercises of firing practice from the streletsky weapon from helicopters in air and landing of military equipment and freights on tactical maneuvers "Chaud" in 2006 and ".

During bilateral Ukrainian - American voyenno - sea doctrines with attraction of other countries "Xi Briz - 2008" the division of airmobile armies carried out landing with the German parachute systems from the VPS plane of Germany.

Unfortunately, this year, from - for limited financing, the organization of combat training of military units of airmobile armies is in the majority organized in points of a constant dislocation which don't need considerable financial expenses.But such preparation gives the chance to maintain skills of staff only.

Considering introduction in action of new forms and methods of application of airmobile armies, on vozdushno - landing complexes of military units of airmobile armies exercise machines for firing working off from helicopters and training in disembarkation and landing by landing way and on cables and fouls from transport - fighting and fighting helicopters of aircraft of Land forces were created.

At the same time, this year soldiers - aeromobilist 95-й separate airmobile crew 8-го the army case of Land forces of VS of Ukraine "armed" with nearly 300 sets of the laser MILES system presented by the American company "Kyyubik".

Thanks to MILES system each serviceman with use of an individual weapon and single charges can learn to make the correct decisions, to choose a necessary position and quickly to react on action of the opponent during conducting fight. On each participant of conditional fight sensors which work at its conditional wound or final defeat are fixed and will automatically sideline such soldier.

But the most important for paratroopers still has hopping preparation. The state for July 31 of the current year connections and parts of airmobile armies of Land forces of VS of Ukraine executed 9.545 jumps, it makes 36% of the plan. Thus more than a half of jumps it was carried out thanks to close and effective cooperation with structures of Society of assistance of defense of Ukraine.

Military personnel of airmobile armies constantly actively participates in the international activity of Armed forces of Ukraine. Soldiers - paratroopers adequately performed a task of peacekeeping operations in territories more as 10 countries of the world, in particular, the republics of former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Sierra - Leon, Liberia, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Georgia, the Republic of Congo.

Division 25-й separate Dnepropetrovsk vozdushno - landing crew 6-го the army case in April of this year returned home after successful performance of peacekeeping tasks in Kosovo. And now the staff of one of divisions 95-prepares for performance of peacekeeping tasks in Kosovo й separate airmobile crew 8-го the army case.

Parts and divisions of airmobile armies - the most active participants of actions of the international program of NATO "Partnership for Peace".Nearly 2,5 thousand Ukrainian paratroopers, together with colleagues from other countries, got experience in the international doctrines which passed in 16 countries of the world, in particular, in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Germany, France and Lithuania.


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