The Cabinet of Ministers in September will deal with problems of the Nikolaev businessmen?

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In a sessional hall of the regional state administration today, on July 31, the first organizational meeting of representatives of branch councils of businessmen of the Nikolaev area took place. We will remind that the order about creation of branch councils of businessmen was signed last month by the head of the regional state administration.

The purpose of creation of branch councils is an involvement of businessmen to participation in formation of a state policy in the business sphere.

The chief representative Goskompredprinimatelstva of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Valery Vetrov noted that throughout the long period of time meetings with businessmen were held. These meetings were held to explain them distinctions between branch councils and coordination (which activity was inefficient).

Valery Vetrov explained to businessmen that regional, regional and regional branch councils of businessmen will be created already soon. "It becomes in order that at all levels of the power your interests" were presented, - V. Vetrov emphasized. He told that the right of carrying out boards to which authorities will be invited also will be provided to branch councils.

According to Valery Vetrov, Nikolaev is the first city in Ukraine where held similar meeting.

Also he reported that on Wednesday was with working visit to Kiev where met the head Goskompredprinimatelstva Aleksandra Kuzhel. She suggested to carry out work on identification of all problems which are available for today for businessmen till August 17, and to make offers on their decision.

"If all your offers are rather reasoned, and they will be competently submitted, it is quite possible that them will consider on enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ukraine which will take place in Day of the businessman", - V. Vetrov declared gathered.

"When the state itself asks not to use about the help this situation it is impossible", - the head of regional labor union of small and medium business Elena Gerasimyyuk considers.She told that already visited five regions of area - people don't believe that these councils will work, but it not the reason that to refuse them. "If there are any problems, address to us, we already have a certain experience", - addressed to representatives of branch councils E. Gerasimyyuk.

Valery Vetrov reported that first of all it is necessary to approve structures of all branch councils. "After that we will give you a necessary minimum of legal knowledge as without knowledge of the legislation further we won't be able to move", - the chief representative Goskompredprinimatelstva of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area declared. Also, according to him, it will be necessary to organize surely a meeting with supervisory authorities that they explained which demands are made to businessmen.


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