In Nikolayevshchina many people can't issue on themselves the inherited earth from - that this procedure very difficult and expensive

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Today, on August 6, under the chairmanship of the first deputy head of the regional state administrationNatalia Brakovanmeeting of board of the regional state administration took place.

The realization course in the field of the Law of Ukraine "About modification of some acts of Ukraine concerning documents which certify the right for the land plot, and also an order of division and association of the land plots" was the first question in the agenda.

Natalia BrakovanI noted that consideration of the matter was caused it by urgency: President of UkraineVictor Yushchenkoalready I addressed to the government with the requirement to take immediate measures for prevention of abuses at registration and issue of the state acts on the property right to the earth. And them is both bribery, and a zabyurokratizirovanost, and a paperwork delay on the earth much.

Information concerning the matter was provided by the chief of head department Goskomzema in the Nikolaev areaVladimir Yanchuk.

In particular, it was noted that in area today there are no problems concerning implementation of this law.

As reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional state administration, in area the right for a land share (share) was got by 200 thousand 483 persons. From them actually received certificates on the right for a land share (share) 199 thousand 657 (99,6%).

With state on 20.07.09 in the field of 196 thousand 509 citizens replaced certificates with the right for a land share (share) for the state acts for the property right for the land plot which makes 98,4% of number of the certificates received by citizens.

In a development stage in the land use planning organizations there are 19 certificates.

For today in area remain not involved in work on replacement by the state acts of 3 129 certificates. There are objective reasons which don't allow to perform fully the put task, the main of them are such:

- notarially the right for inheritance (the inheritance is established) isn't renewed;

- the location of owners of certificates isn't known;

- unknown successors and so forth are under consideration in the court.

Studying of category of citizens who needs to execute actions in notarial institutions, testifies that it is the most unprotected segments of the population. Procedure of registration of inheritance is quite difficult and expensive therefore successors can't exercise the right. Therefore it is necessary to find opportunity at the expense of local budgets to provide performance of work on renewal of the right of inheritance of this category of citizens.

Besides, the law doesn't regulate the term which has been taken away on registration and obtaining the state act on the property right to the land plot, and from - for this circumstances process is tightened in time.


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