Detochkin, of course, is guilty. But it – isn't guilty

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Thus the initiator and the organizer of attempt treats the participation in attempt of implementation of custom-made murder of the chairman of a farm "Perlin" in the Bereznegovatsky area.

The defendant Sh - to which destiny the appellate court of the Nikolaev area under Valentina Grebenyuk's predsedatelstvovaniye started considering on August 6, insists that only thanks to its actions recent Victor Bankovsky has in an asset of the whole one and a half years of the presented life.

From read by the representative of prosecutor's office Nadezhda Koval followed that this most Sh - to with absolutely mercenary motives of enrichment made the decision physically to eliminate the head of a farm who during transformation KSP "Visun MTS — Service" took control of the lion's share of property.

In this case it is necessary to make the small explanation. The defendant Sh - to, in the same way, as well as injured Bankovsky, is the inhabitant of the bereznegovatsky village of Visunsk. And generally - that their relationship because of one-way love to money would be even more banal, be not Vladimir Sh - to the vice-chairman of Bereznegovatsky regional council. That is, deputy and people's deputy.

Besides, the citizen Sh - to from 2001 to 2005 stayed at very honourable position of the deputy head of the district state administration that would have to make him the person very tolerant to others achievements on financial fronts. But the come power deprived of it "cushy job" that couldn't please him.

And so, in that time Vladimir Sh - to worked as the coordinator on restructuring of the agricultural enterprises. As a result of its activity the cost of property shares of employees of KSP was defined. But as the property was safely sold without all on that of the lawful bases by former heads, the country people became actually owners something like that, what even hands it was impossible to touch. And here two enterprising persons start getting these most property shares at the population. That, having gained critical weight in the form of property due to them, to get any very big (to rural measures) objects.So, say, in Visunsk the farmer Bankovsky became the owner of current, and the former head of MTS Bidnyna - the machine yard.

- And Bidnyna had all priorities in property acquisition, and I already received that after it remained, - told vesselsout of a hallVictor Bankovsky.

And here (already in a court hall) Vladimir Sh - to told story in which this Bidnyna wanted to add to the possession also a grain flow, and Bankovsky's economy to it in general displeased. Therefore he also paid Sh - ку, more than 16 years heading in Bereznegovatom the regional organization of soldiers - internationalists, 50 thousand UAH for elimination of the inconvenient competitor.

- You have different Afghans, here and let's somebody earn, - as if with such words Bidnyna to Sh - ку addressed.

And it became so a pity for that for the friend Bankovsky that he took money, but instead of murder spent them for purchase of the second-hand combine.

- Yes I also didn't think to anybody to do any evil. To society of Afghans the administration allocated 110 hectares of an arable land, and there was nothing to process it. Poor we, - the defendant told.

And further it told that all got profit it and it (now the accomplice) the companion To - д wanted to return Bidnyne in the form of return for outstanding work.

But money didn't want to be earned, the equipment broke more often than for that there was a wish, Bidnyna demanded implementation of the contract, then refused used equipment, and then, it seems, in general agreed on that not to kill Bankovsky but only to scare.

Ш - to and To - д built the improvised explosive device on the basis of the trotyl extracted from shells and min. times of the Great Patriotic War, supplied it with the mobile phone and prepared for implementation of the necessary act.

As in the best Hollywood scenarios a twenty-centimetric tube with a stuffing To - д had to attach to the bottom of the car of Bankovsky who will drink at this time coffee at office Sh-. Well, and then by a primitive call by phone the device had to be activated.

According to statements Sh - explosion of it "the pyrotechnic device which couldn't do anybody any harm" in any way, had to sound as soon as To - д will depart on distance of 50 m from the car. Itself To - д claims that Sh - to I allowed it the order to attach simply a bomb to a car and to go home.The cost of the similar performed work was estimated of 20 thousand hryvnias which Sh - to I promised to charge off a debt account To - yes.

- We got the combine as partners. And my share was just these 20 thousand. But I had no money, so Sh - to agreed to wait for the termination of the harvest. And then money needed to be given. You want you don't want, and it was necessary to get into this business. However, with figures continuous darkness. I didn't see, how many paid for the combine, to me explained that 60 thousand, and according to the bill of sale - only 16 thousand. And in general I think that Sh - to of me wanted to get rid. And now his family terrorizes me, threatens with punishment if I don't replace the indication in favor of Sh - - indications To - yes.

are that

Ш - to considers that his accomplice invents everything, and in this case he was acquainted with all trifles. As for Bankovsky, only to a tightening with implementation of the act of elimination that can quietly live today. And all because with Bankovsky at Sh - were the friendly relations, and with Bidnyna - exclusively business.

However, he couldn't explain distinctly, why it is that customer so trusted in almost foreign person for itself. As well as in a question, whether Bidnyna forgot about the returned 50 thousand UAH

- Yes it in good podpitiya and after learned that Bankovsky documentary issued on itself(himself) more than 75% of property shares, understood that he nevertheless should say goodbye to current. Then also I told supposedly properly пугнуть it it is necessary, - I explained the attack of altruism the defendant Sh - to.

The reasons not to trust the partner at To - yes exist. The matter is that the explosive device worked at that very moment when To - д attached it to the car bottom, and the malefactor though managed to crawl away during unexpected and "absolutely casual " (?) is ringing activating the device, nevertheless suffered and now is the disabled person of II-й groups with almost staying idle hand. Besides, according to Bankovsky's indications, - to in the same time I left Sh the room for a phone conversation.

Similar coincidence very strongly loosens the altruistic bloodless version.

The farmer very strongly doubts philanthropic motives of "friend".

- It would be possible to frighten and absolutely in a different way, - Victor Bankovsky considers.

Judicial investigation only is begun, the court should understand a set of artful designs of the real or invented facts and lawyer shifts and tricks.

It is necessary to add only that the injured farmer wishes to receive in the form of compensation of material damage of 5 thousand 490 UAH which completely went for car restoration, and also 100 thousand UAH of moral damage.

As specifiesVictor Bankovsky, except constant fear for the integrity and life of five children, it faced fears of the friends and colleagues in its solvency as creditor.

Earlier as I, and my colleagues borrowed money on parole. Now even friends demand legal paperwork of a loan. You never know supposedly that happens. And who will give money?

Oleg Krinitsky

We will remind that"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that in Nikolayevshchina the vice-chairman of one of regional councils employed "the bum - the shahid" to undermine the objectionable businessman.


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