Poles and Japanese took notice of a dump in Big Korenikhe: they will make it beautiful, and for it will take away with itself dangerous gases which are emitted by garbage

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Japanese and Poles literally "облазили" in Big Korenikhe also stated yesterday a garbage dump: "It was unpleasant, but it is interesting".

They were interested really by our garbage. Foreigners want to make a dump presentable according to the European norms, to cover it clay and to set with greens. And for them it, appears, favourably.

On August 12 mayor of NikolaevVladimir ChaikaI met representatives of Japan -Koichi MorokhashaandAziz Rakhimovfrom Asuka Green Investment investment company, the representative of Poland -Dominika Kukelafrom the Polska Grupa Energetychna company - the largest producer of the electric power in Poland, and also with representatives of the consulting company accompanying projects on the Kyoto Protocol of "Carbon RiskManagement Partners"Wojciech PiskorskiandPavel Victor, and also with the representative of the Polish company "Termall"Pyotr Kelbik.

The foreign companies want to investigate our garbage dump on availability of methane. If its quantity is sufficient (and to it points that the dump periodically burns), the companies will pump out methane and will take away it with itself. And a dump will make more attractive, than it is now.

Dominika KukelaI told why this cooperation is favorable to the Polish company.

- Your dump will be ordered according to the European norms. And we will be able to receive carbon dioxide that will be able to cover excess of emissions of the Polish group. Our company (owns four power plants and eight thermal power plants - a bus) is interested in receiving a reduction of CO2.

As explained in a press - service of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, Ukraine and Japan are among the countries which signed and ratified the Framework Convention of the UN on climate changes (Kyoto Protocol). According to this document Ukraine undertakes to stabilize volumes of emissions of greenhouse gases at the level of 1990, and Japan - to reduce emission of greenhouse gases by six percent.

Today's succession of events shows that Ukraine not only will keep emissions of greenhouse gases at the planned level, but also considerably will reduce them. At the same time Japan won't manage to fulfill the obligations to the world community. In this case the Kyoto Protocol provides various mechanisms of a way out, including interstate trade in quotas of emissions, and also introduction in life of the joint projects directed on decrease in emissions in those countries where the cost of compensating measures is lower.

On the basis of the tripartite protocol of intentions the Polish and Japanese parties held the tender on selection of firm which will carry out control drillings and the chemical analysis of biogas. Competition was won by the Polish firm "Termall".

- Drilling will be made only with the permission of ecologists, - the mayorassuredVladimir Chaika. - Work will take about three months. "Termall" gives the letter of guarantee that during works the Ukrainian legislation will be observed. Also works will be performed by "Nikolayevkommuntrans" services headed by the head of the department of housing and communal servicesVladimir Novozhilov. Thus, Nikolaev advances the project of safe accommodation of our inhabitants through the Kyoto Protocol.

- On the Nikolaev dump 14 wells will be made, - the representative of the Termallcompany toldPyotr Kelbik. - to study composition of methane. After drilling methane pumping out will be made, it will take 48 hours.

The Polish and Japanese parties will finance the project - each party will enclose 50 percent of the sum. As told to the ladyDominica, the cost of the first stage of works (drilling, research and the methane analysis) makes 250 thousand euros. The project as a whole, according to preliminary estimates, will cost approximately one and a half million euros.


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