20,5% of nikolayevets refused to discuss Medvedev's address to Yushchenko

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According to the sociological survey conducted in 5 cities of Ukraine, including in Simferopol, regarding the relation of citizens to the address of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to the of Ukrainian to the colleague Victor Yushchenko, in the Crimean capital the highest level of refusal of interview - 66% of respondents is recorded. About it reported in the Ukrainian center of economic and political researches of a name of Razumkov.

- In Simferopol we recorded the highest level of refusal of interview. Two of three simferopolets refused participation in poll. For example, in Kiev level of refusals of participation in poll made 30,8%, in Lviv - 38,1%, in Nikolaev - 20,5%, in Donetsk - 49,1%, - stated in the center of a name of Razumkov.

According to researchers, refusals of participation in poll had system character that testifies to "a certain political position" inhabitants of the Crimean capital.

- Probably, this position has the pro-Russian focus", - assumed in the center.

Thus researchers noted that high level of refusals could affect the accuracy of the received results.

According to poll, in Simferopol of 39,2% of respondents at all didn't know about Dmitry Medvedev's address, another 15,2% didn't know about what in it it is spoken.

Whether on a question of sociologists "You support the basic provisions stated by the Russian President in the address? " 12,2% of respondents answered "yes", 23,8% - "no", 9,5% - found it difficult to answer.

7,9% of respondents of simferopolets for a question, whether aren't present manifestations of disrespect for Victor Yushchenko, the Ukrainian power, Ukraine and its people in the address of the head of the Russian Federation, answered "no". Thus 28,1% regarded Dmitry Medvedev's statement as manifestation of disrespect for the Ukrainian power as a whole, 5,8% - as disrespect personally to the President of Ukraine and only 1% saw manifestation of disrespect for Ukraine and its people in this address.

Within poll the question also was asked:How you consider, whether has the purpose Dmitry Medvedev's address to affect a course and results of presidential campaign in Ukraine? 21,8% of respondents answered "yes", 15,1% - disagreed with such assumption.

Besides, sociologists were interested in opinion of simferopolets on, whether there is today a threat for Ukraine from Russia. On the matter of 30,1% of the respondents familiar with the text of the address of Dmitry Medvedev, answered "yes", 56,7% - "no" and 13,2% found it difficult to answer.

In the center reported that sociological survey was conducted by a method of telephone interview from August 12 to August 16 in Kiev, Lviv, Nikolaev, Donetsk, Simferopol. In Kiev 640 respondents, in each of other cities - on 600 respondents aged from 18 years were interrogated.

The president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev sent the open address to the Ukrainian colleague in whom called policy of Ukraine during Victor Yushchenko's presidency "withdrawal of the Ukrainian party from the principles of friendship and partnership with Russia". As proof of situation complication Dmitry Medvedev gave examples of "the anti-Russian policy" Ukraine in a number of questions: the conflict in Georgia, glorification of nazi helpers, Russian replacement from public life, power intervention in church affairs, desire of Ukraine to enter NATO and so on. Moreover, the Russian leader expressed confidence that in Kiev consistently achieve a rupture of economic relations with Russia.


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