The rook returned to Ukraine the nuclear weapon?

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Recently in mass media there was information on existence in arsenals of Ukraine is rocket - the nuclear weapon which was kept seemingly secretly by military and the staff of SBU in defiance of the Budapest protocol of 1995, - is spoken in the open letter of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Leonid Gracha to the ambassador of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor. About it ZIKU

today, on June 27, I reported Leonid Gracha's official site with reference to "The Russian line".

"As it is told in messages of mass media, the U.S. President J. Bush declared that Ukrainian voyenno - the political management considers prospect concerning emergence in Ukraine of the nuclear weapon very reliable as has means for its delivery (tactical aircraft), owns technologies of its production and a plutonium stock, sufficient for production of several warheads", - is spoken in the message.

"Recently it was also distributed Z.Bzhezinsky's statement, the known supporter of "control" of Russia, including due to tension creation in Ukraine - the Russian relations. According to him, "so simply from the Crimea Russia won't take away the armies". In this situation, Z.Bzhezinsky emphasizes, "Ukraine without strong army won't be able to speak as equals with Russia", - declared нардеп.

"Such rhetoric from leading American experts and politicians, - the deputy noted I SAY LIES, - pushes the Ukrainian politicians who stand on pro-American positions, to rigid and aggressive statements which have frankly anti-Russian and Russophobic character".

"Dear sir ambassador! I ask you to explain, whether tells lack of negative reaction of administration of the USA on the message on possible return to Ukraine of the nuclear status about change of the American position in a question concerning distribution of weapons of mass destruction?...As a rule, the American administration resorted to rigid actions in relation to the countries which were suspected of secret production of the nuclear, chemical or bacteriological weapon", - the Rook in the letter noted.

"I ask you to specify, what actions the government of the United States of rather Ukrainian politicians and military who support return to Ukraine of the nuclear status (and it is possible, they secretly hide weapons of mass destruction contrary to the international obligations which assumed not only Ukraine, but also the United States) is going to make. I also would like to know, whether the U.S. Government is interested in deterioration of the relations between Russia and Ukraine? ", - I noted нардеп.

"Your official answer can have huge value, especially in the light of the sharp growth of activity of Russophobic and anti-Russian forces which use a tenure of office of the operating Ukrainian power", - Leonid Grach summarized.


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