The Nikolaev eighth-graders will read at a leisure obscene "Little Red Riding Hood" of Dudarya according to the program of home reading

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Fight of the Nikolaev regional council against Evgeny Dudarya's work "Little Red Riding Hood" in which the main character thumps, smokes, cruelly treats an animal, blackmails the hunter and plunders the grandmother, terminated at the previous session. As we reported earlier, deputies made the decision on the Address to Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine concerning removal from the school program of this "fairy tale", and also from the textbook "Ukrainian Literature" for the eighth class.

From the school program work removed, but as the head of the commission of questions robots with public associations, mass media and local governmentsmentioned at today's sessionElena Simonenko, not up to the end.

- The fairy tale of Dudarya "Little Red Riding Hood" transferred to home reading, - she told.

Deputies didn't react to it. And itself - жа Simonenko too. After this remark it continued:

- And what we gave to our children to develop in them feeling of kindness? This month we didn't allocate kopeks to print new children's books. It is necessary to allocate for these purposes of 200 thousand hryvnias.

To transfer work to home reading - doesn't mean to get rid of it at all.

Here that the school educational project as criticism of home reading writes:

"There is at so strange elementary school at first sight a subject - home reading. Additional hour on it it isn't allocated, a separate mark isn't given, but thus on it tasks are given and lessons are conducted.

The child faces home reading already from the first class when on the instructions of the teacher it puts aside only the textbook begun after the abc-book and brings in school any fairy tale read and learned together with mother or the grandmother.Further the circle of works extends, becomes complicated, appears to all parents the well-known list of references".

Thus, "Little Red Riding Hood" anywhere doesn't disappear. But deputies of a regional council in the work already put a tick.


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