The mayor of Nikolaev didn't let to Tymoshenko to tell how unfairly arrive with "Nibulon". And "Niublon" blames for all the corrupted officials

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Between three largest companies of Ukraine which are in Nikolaev, and the paradoxical situation arose the power. The agricultural producer of JSC Nibulon has the finest relations with shipbuilding plant JSC Vadan Yard Okean which builds for it the whole fleet - 16 vessels. But "Nibulon" is in the ambiguous relations with the Nikolaev sea trade port near which rented a site where is going to carry out dredging works at own expense.

The Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine became the scoundrel - a razluchnitsa actually, and it reasons the behavior quite competently. During board in Ministry of TransportIosif Vinsky, the official repeatedly declared that the private companies illegally take control of territories of the state ports so that it is difficult to ports to develop.ViennaI emphasized that it is a position of the state and in interests of the state. Moreover, still being the minister, it filed a lawsuit against the Nikolaev City Council for property squandering - delivery of the territory of seaport in rent of the private company - "Nibulona".

It is important that officials at the level of the city of Nikolaev and area support "Nibulon". Ministry of Transport opposes only.

Today, during descent of three barges for "Nibulon" at Okean plant the mayorVladimir ChaikaI told:

- Some officials from Kiev who never were in Nikolaev, feel before themselves fault - they exhaust business to the deadlock. Who doesn't grant today the right to "Nibulon" for own means to carry out dredging works? These are officials. I not offended by the prime minister - the minister, but on one of meetings of Association of the cities (and there the mayor has the right to talk with the Prime minister - the minister of Ukraine) I tried to communicate withYulia Vladimirovna.For a week I tried to acquire the right for reception, but so anything and it didn't turn out. I wanted to tell that today Ministry of Transport embroils Nibulon private enterprise withKapatsina(Vasily Kapatsina- the chief of the Nikolaev sea trade port - a bus) I perfectly treat Kapatsina. But they filed a lawsuit against us that we allegedly incorrectly allocated the earth to "Nibulon". Actually we already won court. I will achieve a meeting with the prime minister and I will askYulia Vladimirovnato make the rigid decision. It is necessary to make the decision of Cabinet of Ministers and to allow "Nibulon" to make that is necessary. I think that the conflict reason - in misunderstanding by many officials of their responsibility before the state. We the big sea power, and at us aren't present even shipbuilding department.

Alexey Vadaturskysees in actions of Ministry of Transport corruption.

"Dredging works are a business state, - the press - service "Nibulona" transfers a position of the head of the company. - And experience, in particular and "Nibulona", shows that officials and the management of seaports very painfully treat this question which, apparently, touches their personal business - interests. How to think on - to another if to get permission to carrying out dredging works on a leased site (on own account! )Alexey Vadaturskysome years can't! Probably, in order that to Ukraine was really better, it is necessary to break, at last, the corrupted system in which everything spins round officials. It they have to spin round those who creates, and not to prevent to realize large-scale projects".


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