"Than the waste recycling plant smells" and "with what it eat" the Nikolaev commission

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Today, on September 1, passed meeting of the working group concerning a choice of a waste-processing complex for Nikolaev. Contrary to promises a press - services of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, the mayor Vladimir Chaika at meeting wasn't present. His deputy, the director of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir Novozhilov presided. From the moment of discussion of need of construction of waste recycling plant (which 15 years last), questions of ecological safety and economic profitability of a similar construction were the most problem.

On the commission more than 20 investment projects were submitted, from which the German project from MVA Energe aus abfall firm ("Energy of waste"), presented in Ukraine the Ukr Eko SPK company and its head of g - Chervyachenko's number was chosen.

The Nikolaev commission went to Germany, on a prototype of such plant to be convinced of its efficiency and safety.

To journalists submitted the video and the photoreport, Vladimir Novozhilov commented on some episodes. As a whole, the essence of plant is reduced to the such:

- in Germany the plant is located in the inhabited massif, in a green zone.

- processing solid household waste plant develops raw materials for production of cement, and also heat and the electric power.

- the garbage is packed in containers and burned directly with them that allows to meet hygienic and environmental standards on the production.

- in the course of combustion gas passes to clarification in eight stages of a filtration (among which electric precipitators, fabric, water, catalysts and other).

- in Germany three furnaces work at plant, the plant develops 180 million kWh and 300 million kW of thermal energy, it is served by 35 employees.

- plant cost in Germany made 400 million Euros, garbage carry with all the district - with a radius of 200 km, in Nikolaev it will cost 20 million Euros, but will have the smaller power and garbage will be delivered only from the Nikolaev suburbs.

The project will be approved at State Council session on September 3. Allegedly, the plant will take place, as well as was planned, for Kominterna St., 36 (near Novozavodskaya St.) in Leninsky district of Nikolaev, on a place of an old boiler room.

As Vladimir Novozhilov, even reported after council will give "starting signal" to build plant, process will be dragged out for three years - drawing up the project, and construction.

Rather ecological safety - all under control, Vladimir Yefimov assures the deputy chief of regional management of environmental protection.

The investor agrees to tariffs on the garbage removal, established at present housing and communal services Department, and also to sale warmly - and the electric power on city standard tariffs. But on condition that the city will redeem the provided products of plant. Besides, 5 hectares of the earth in long-term rent (49 years) are necessary.


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