"From you магарыч", - the deputy from "BPP" of Barn has reported to "Animated cartoon" for vote on career in Nikolayevshchina

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Deputy of the Nikolaev regional council from party «Petro Poroshenko's block» Fiodor Barn has coordinated the personal vote and vote of all fraction «BPP» for providing mountain withdrawal of Ltd company «Southern pit» for mining of sand «Voznesenskoye–1» with the person whose name at him in phone is signed as «Mischa Multik».

Correspondence with this person of Barna was captured on a film by the correspondent «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT».

- Mischa, I vote for personally and all for! Estimate it the friend))) Now there will be a vote…From you big магарыч!))) I will give to all fraction of a voice, - the deputy Barna has written.

On it «Mischa Multik» I have answered with a smilie.

The die is cast. I congratulate, - the deputy has answered.

- The Patsanyachy act, - has written to the answer «Mischa Multik».

In parallel with it Fiodor Barn corresponded with the head of the Nikolaev regional council Victoria Moskalenko who has written Barn that that has written «at onceTo animated cartoon».

«He already knows» , - Fiodor Barn has answered, at the same time typing the following message with the text «You understand that I have entered the conflict in David?».

We will note that в.и.о. the chief of Head department of National police in the Nikolaev area Vitaly Goncharov in December, 2015 I called the person by the name of Titov the Nikolaev criminal leader, «which today in the world call «Animated cartoon».

Meanwhile, having seen that the correspondent has photographed the deputy behind this correspondence, Fiodor Barn has approached him and has told that it is his personal correspondence and that the journalist has no right to publish her what the correspondent has answered him that the deputy is on the workplace, and therefore if doesn't want that something has got to chambers, then it exclusively not to show his right it to journalists, and to correspond in a corridor. 

Barn try will agree with Gomonyuk. Photo: Nikvesti

After this Barn began to write the correspondent, suggesting it to pay off with money for that the journalist has removed these photos. On it the journalist became «to remove» the deputy on a reality therefore Fiodor Barn has offered money. On it the correspondent as experiment has offered the price, having written the word «Rub» , but the deputy began to bargain, trying to reduce the sum.

As a result the deputy Barna has solved «to work on an advancing» , having come to a tribune in the hall of the Nikolaev regional council with the statement for that, as if this is the journalist extorts from him money for photos.

It is remarkable that the head of the Nikolaev regional council Victoria Moskalenko who was also the hero of correspondence has begun to support the deputy furiously. 

We will remind, earlier it was reported about how presidium of a regional council after insistent recommendations of the deputy from «Oppositional Block» Vadim Olabin, the head Mikhail Sokolov and Fedora Barna has made the decision to submit the project «for sessionAbout providing mountain withdrawal of Ltd company «Southern pit»  for mining of sand «Voznesenskoye–1» . On available for edition  «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» information, this pit is controlled by the head of a city Communist Party organization  «Oppobloka» Igor Dyatlov. It is remarkable that on the eve of session deputies from BPP fraction declared that they after corruption scandal will treat more scrupulously similar questions. 

As a result deputies from BPP fractionhave voted for advanced by deputies from fraction «Oppobloka» question. The last, in turn, have supported BPP interesting representatives and  «Batk_vshchini» agency. 

Андрей Лохматов

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