In Odessa held an action Ukraine for NATO!

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About two hundred Odessa supporters of the entry of Ukraine carried out to NATO yesterday, on June 29, on the Cathedral square of Odessa a civil action Ukraine for NATO.

It initiated regional committee Ukraine - NATO, the regional organization of the society Pro-suite, the city organization of party of Reform and an order and regional coordination council Ukraine for the euroatlantic integration.

As it became known, participants of meeting, mainly inhabitants of Odessa of younger and average generations, held in hand slogans Odessa for NATO! the European standards - through NATO! NATO guarantees safety of Ukraine, Not NATO destroyed Ukraine golodomor and the Siberian concentration camps!.

Speaking at meeting, the associate professor of the Odessa national university of Mechnikov Aleksey Zachariah declared to them that many of inhabitants of Odessa are insufficiently informed on activity of structures of North Atlantic alliance, and on it such political structures, as still try to speculatePSPU, KPU intimidating citizens threat.

"Actually 27 member states of the block managed created on the European continent effectively operating mechanisms of counteraction to any manifestations of instability. "-the associate professor considers.

"Communistic stamps don't work even where recently there was the extremely intense situation - the people of Europe want peace development through the international guarantees of safety, including through membership in NATO" - Zakhary expressed confidence.

In turn the vice-chairman of regional committee in support of the plan of action for the sake of membership of Ukraine in NATO Vladimir Genik declared: "The future of Ukraine - in Europe that doesn't contradict traditionally friendly relations of our country with Russia and other states - neighbors who, in turn, strengthen the voyenno - political connections with North Atlantic alliance".

Also he asked participants of the action to remember why the Warsaw block broke up two decades ago.

"Whether not therefore that military structures of the Warsaw pact often, in effect, suppressed national performances in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and other countries where people sought for free development and a socialism with a human face, - Genik told and summed up: "Movement of Ukraine to membership in NATO doesn't have alternative! ".

As participants of a civil action emphasized, inhabitants of Odessa welcome multinational doctrines Xi - the Breeze-2008 which carrying out is planned in Odessa region, and intend to set up a camp near a place of doctrines to show the support to actions of the leadership of Ukraine, directed on the best training of Armed forces of Ukraine in interaction with NATO divisions.

We will remind, on May 28 in the Cabinet declared that expect by 2011 support of the introduction in NATO at the majority of Ukrainians.


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