As the plastic surgeon from Russia after the president Medvedev offended Ukrainians

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A month later after the aggressive statement of the president of the Russian Federation to the Ukrainian colleague, this event continues to excite minds of politicians and simple citizens on both sides российско - the Ukrainian border. And sometimes unexpectedly.

In particular, as writes Vlasti.Net's edition, "After unambiguously anti-Ukrainian statements of the president Medvedev, gas attacks of the prime minister Putin and regular threats from Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia used "to Mull artillery" - notorious "national diplomacy".

So was a few years ago when from - for not developed Putin's relations with Saakashvili began aviaboards to send from Russia simple the Georgian, and many Russians with inspiration welcomed similar methods from which far off bore Stalin past. Now Yushchenko's ideological conflict to the leadership of Russia, seemingly, pours out in a mass ukrainofobiya.

The other day Vlasti.Net's edition received the angry letter in which two Ukrainians tell about the terrible offense caused by it by the Russian plastic surgeon Eduard Shikhirman. Two girlfriends - Lyalya and Galya - are closer to than thirty reflected on fine forms. Not strangers - the. Example of acquaintances who, having tightened a bust and having corrected a nose, found happiness family yes good luck financial, I forced girlfriends to look for the doctor - the magician. The Moscow plastic surgeon Eduard Shikhirman became the absolute leader of search. Responses of the clients operated by it - that on the Internet - forums that "alive" were only positive. Well, torments of a choice were short, business it was necessary for small - to gain the sum necessary for "beauty restoration" …

We will lower details of this entertaining process, in paints described by girlfriends in the letter. Happy and with money (about the taken out - the imported sum of the girlfriend of customs officers, to put it mildly, misled therefore not to predict on them legal problems, we dared to change real names of girlfriends), Lyalya and Galya took the train Kiev - Moscow and went as they then considered, towards to the happiness.

The first reception at the doctor took place like clockwork:Shikhirman attentively listened to them and promised to execute if not all their dreams, at least, that concerned opportunities of plastic surgery. The inspired girlfriends literally fluttered out from an office with the long list of necessary analyses and dates of the planned operations … …. In the morning, in day of the following visit to the doctor, Lyalya and Galya watched on TV the reporting on "video rebuff" which was made by the president of Russia Medvedev whether to personally Yushchenko, whether all Ukraine. Girlfriends weren't interested in policy. As it became clear a bit later, absolutely in vain.

This time the doctor was not one, and with the colleague. Girlfriends were refused in operation …

We won't begin to go into details of adventures tastefully described in the letter of Lyali and Galya on the way home. This history interested us because it can become the beginning exclusively unpleasant tendency for the people of Ukraine and Russia when after politicians we will start looking a wolf at each other.

We tried to contact doctor Shikhirman. However at its office to us phoned that the plastic surgeon is in holiday. At parting we, probably, as not importunate advertizing or absolutely informidable threat, were told that among Shikhirman's clients "there are a lot of people influential in Russia".

Whether these "influential people" advised doctor Shikhirman to watch a political environment and more attentively to treat citizens of the states which the president Medvedev and the prime minister Putin consider "unfriendly"?

However, we nevertheless would like to hear opinion of doctor Shikhirman. We at all don't call into question its professional solvency, and we hope that the incident described by us was simple misunderstanding which doesn't become "first signs" in "national российско - the Ukrainian war", - concludes Vlasti.Net.


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